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The health crisis was the reason leading the French to review their professional priorities. Thus, nearly 6 out of 10 working people and 8 out of 10 unemployed people are considering or have already started retraining (source).

The reasons for this desire to change paths? Primarily boredom and lack of meaning. A motivation far from shocking when you know that almost 9 out of 10 French people are tired at work (source). That’s why some even fall victim to bore-out, a burnout syndrome due to boredom.

At the same time, those who had already taken the retraining step emphasized the desire to perform an activity in accordance with their values/inclinations (39%). Compensation comes only in second place (33%), proof that fulfillment comes first in financial considerations.

The whole challenge is to choose a good future profession, which allows you to exercise in a leisure activity in a field of full expansion. However, contrary to popular belief, digital professions aren’t the only ones with air in their sails!

According to a study conducted in 2021 by SNPY (National Union of Yoga Teachers), the number of yoga practitioners has increased by 300% in 10 years. 3/4 of them participate in this discipline at least twice a month, half of them at least once a week.

The success of this good health game is not so surprising, because it allows you to feel better in your body and in your head…

But at present, there are very few qualified teachers capable of teaching this discipline.

So it is to meet a strong need the SSCS Training school offers distance training, led by experts, to become a Yoga Teacher.

It is the only online school to offer 200-hour Yoga Alliance International certification, a world renowned organization recognized and registered by the Indian government.

A 100% online training to become a Yoga Teacher

Changing your passion for yoga into a profession is exercise an activity full of meaning, mixing sport, welfare, and human relations.

It also means taking part in a unique human adventure, with one ambition: to be able to access yoga to as many people as possible, even if they are enthusiastic, new, other professional retraining person or sports professionals.

Because at the end of the training, participants will be able to lead Hatha and Vinyasa classes, face-to-face or awayto convey the practice of the basics of yoga:

  • chakras;
  • pranayama;
  • asanas;
  • meditation;
  • posture arrangement & adjustments;
  • various breathing techniques;
  • and so on

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An evolution tailored to the rhythm of each

Future Yoga teachers benefit from an ultra-complete personal online training space, allowing them to progress every step, at their own pace, even if the person is undergoing professional training. retraining is still in the post!

Counting is required usually 6 months following trainingbut access to the workshops is open for 12 months and the platform remains accessible for life.

Participants will benefit in particular from:

  • 20 video conferences;
  • 50 videos of examples of typical sessions;
  • 1 private Facebook group led by SSCS Training trainers, to exchange between members and benefit from the support of a caring and warm community;
  • 5 course documents for download;
  • 5 interim evaluation evaluation;
  • 1 final evaluation 100% away in the form of a quiz and video;
  • 4 weekly workshops with free access for 12 months, live via videoconference: one theme per workshop, an organized progress per week, a chance to answer your questions and a personal approach to support. The workshops are now available for replay.

The (big) little extras

Recognized in international training

The Yoga Teacher Diploma offered by SSCS Training school is certified 200h by Yoga Alliance International.

A form suitable for everyone

Distance training allows you to improve your own pace, participate in virtual classes, and take the final exam online.

Personal support of teachers with over ten years of experience

Courses are conducted by:

Marion Perrier: IMF trainer, Yoga Alliance UK and India certified, Yoga Mathieu Boldron training, state graduate, manager of his own school, organizes Yoga retreats in Morocco.

Justine Pot: Manager of Yoga Germaine studio, state-certified sports coach, trained in India.

Aude Beilleau: State-certified Sports Coach, IMF trainer, 200h Yoga Alliance certified & Pilates teacher.

100% satisfied customers saying so!

Here is an overview of the testimonials received:

SSCS Training, the school for sports enthusiasts

The SSCS Training school, opened in 2018, allows you to follow distance training, becoming qualified in the field of sport and fitness, from any digital medium.

  • SSCS is an acronym for Strength & Sport Conditioning Specialist;
  • Training refers to formation and training ideas.

His strength? A pool of coaches made up of real experts and leading athletes. They have all been with recognized athletes in achieving their goals and their victories.

The school can thus offer a wide selection of diplomas and quality certifications : Physical trainer, Sports dietetics, Posturology & sport, Physical preparation for combat sports, Yoga teacher, Fitness club manager, Coach 2.0 diploma, Sports massage diploma, Pilates teacher diploma and Mental trainer diploma.

Follow-up provided by a group of enthusiastic professionals

The Dream Team accompanies students on their course. It consists of (from left to right):

  • Greg Velu: accompanies members of the Mastermind Physical trainer;
  • Sébastien Abrantes: responsible for the development of the SSCS Training school;
  • Yacine Sadji: student support and monitoring;
  • Julien Le Coq: student support and monitoring;
  • Vincent Martins: accompanies students to the initiator certificate in sports training;
  • Cassie Mercier: communications manager

Photo by Julien Lecoq, the founder

Julien Le Coq holds a Master’s degree in STAPS Sports Training (University of Montpellier), a Master’s degree in Management & Management of sports companies, and a BEES HACUMESE & Judo

During a trip to the United States, he discovered the efficiency and flexibility of the training offered by e-learning. A competitor at heart, he was quickly convinced that this format of education was the best way to convey his passion for the sport while applying his management skills.

Julien decided to create a school intended for coaches, animators and sports animators or simple sports enthusiasts who want to train quickly, in a fun way and without restraint.

The concept of SSCS Training school was just born.

In line with this project, Julien continues to explore his passion for 360 ° sport. In particular, he has managed several fitness clubs (Énergie Forme, Cercles de la Forme, etc.), conducts consulting services to clubs and training of sports professions.

A graduate of INSEP cycle 1 in “Training Engineering”, he also manages a training organization for state diplomas (BPJEPS, DEJEPS & CQP).

Now, for the SSCS Training school, he develops training courses and partnerships with high-level sports institutes, with the leitmotif: enjoy training!

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