When love arises in the worst of times

I chose my college because of the vibes of the people in the school accepted student facebook group. This blond commented on my introductory message saying that she also likes an actress that I really like. My friend told me that was the proof: if there is one, there is another.

My father thought it was a bit silly to make decisions based on “vibrations”, but he supported me. We were on our way to New Hampshire in August when he told me about his new year of college and all the nicknames his new friends gave him. He was all excited for me. By this time she knew she had pancreatic cancer, so we started dating.

My first year of college, the first year of the pandemic, was terrible and alone, you had to face it. My classes are online, I eat spongy takeaways bought at the canteen on the ground floor of my dorm with my two friends. I felt guilty for being away from my father and didn’t even enjoy it.

Feeling like crazy

In the spring, I continued on Tinder for a few weeks because I was embarrassed that I had never experienced True Love. I was paired with the blonde, we had a dry discussion about our respective hometown then we stopped talking. I forgot who didn’t answer who.

The summer was split between baseball games with my dad and days at the beach; I almost forgot he was sick. But the holidays were over, and I went back to college on my own.

In the fall of my second year, the bans on Covid eased. I spend my time in cafes. I saw Blondinet in front of the library while I was on the phone and another time in my restaurant while her boyfriend was playing Taylor Swift. I went to parties on the small end. I saw him selling records in the back of the house for his radio show and laughed at a joke he broke while constantly selling a record to someone else.

I called my dad – he was recovering from a major, unsuccessful operation – and told him that my classes made me feel like a fool. She was delighted. She wanted me to study, so I did-knowing my mother was close to her. Although they are divorced, she has been by his side since diagnosis.

Then Thanksgiving came, and he was hospitalized. It became clear that we could no longer cope with things day in and day out. There is nothing else to do but palliative care. I organized myself to take my exams remotely, and I flew home to hold my exams.

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