The relationship between France and Vietnam “is even more important” | policy

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam and France will work together, in the spirit of unity and cooperation, to overcome the difficulties posed by the pandemic and work together for sustainable development … In any case, this is what emerged from the statements by Nicolas Warnery, the French ambassador to Vietnam, in an interview given by national radio La Voix du Vietnam (VOV), on the occasion of French National Day, July 14.

Nicolas Warnery, French Ambassador to Vietnam. Photo: Leo/VOV5

Even if 2021 is a turbulent year for the world and for Vietnam because of the pandemic, France has been careful to maintain its relationship with our country and has not abandoned any cooperation project, according to Nicolas Warnery.

“We first continued the dialogue between the two states, by telephone, or by mail, or through the exchange of visits, including with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh in November 2021 in France. We also continued – that very important-exchanges between young people.We are reopening visas for students as soon as possible, starting in the summer of 2020, and we are continuing and increasing the number of scholarships for students in Vietnam.We have continued our great cooperation, by collaborating on the major metro 3 project and on climate change through AFD-led projects.We have even launched new projects , especially in terms of teaching French and preserving heritage ”, he added.

According to Nicolas Warnery, the pandemic will give the two countries a chance to make reciprocal actions of friendship and solidarity. We are reminded of Vietnam in particular offering masks in France, in 2020, or France offering Vietnam vaccine doses, in 2021. The year 2022 should be in a new boom, now that the situation strengthened.

“Since March 2022, we have once again brought in some colleagues, some French administrative delegations that are continuing cooperation projects that have been slowed down or suspended due to the health crisis, or launched new ones. A delegation from the Ministry of Health, one from the Minister of Culture and one from the Ministry of Defense, ”Nicolas Warnery said.

2022 is also the year of a political recomposition, in France, marked by presidential and legislative elections. As such, France’s policy vis-à-vis Vietnam should not be affected, Nicolas Warnery assured.

“Foreign policy, which is generally very consensual in France, has changed very little in recent years. So France will continue to focus on the region that is very important to it, where it includes a “Indo-Pacific as a whole and it will continue to be good. Sure to cooperate and maintain friendly relations with its partners, of which Vietnam is one of the oldest,” he said.

The ambassador also spoke about the future of bilateral relations, which he believes promises a bright future, despite a change in the world.

“Our bilateral relationship is especially important in this context of international tension, energy crisis, food crisis … In general, we defend the same positions. We share the same vision. look at a certain number of topics.which allow for prosperity and economic development.We want the defense of multilateralism, full respect for international law, the United Nations Charter and the sovereignty of States.So we agree. of fundamental values.And by keeping in mind these common values ​​we can work together on the major goals of our Indo-Pacific strategy, related to security and defense, economics, research and innovation, multilateralism, in climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development … These are all common goals that we can and we need to work together, ”he said.

Vietnam and France will celebrate in 2023 the 10th anniversary of the establishment of their strategic cooperation, and at the same time the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. Preparations are underway …

“We will start preparing for the celebrations of this 50ᵉ and this 10ᵉ anniversary, in early December, with the Assises on decentralized cooperation, here in Hanoi. So, with a little month ahead and we will try to will take place throughout the year 2023 a series of events in different fields to illustrate the richness and density of our relationship. There are many events of a very different nature and we hope to multiply them and as we go “, trusted Nicholas Warnery.

The two strategic partners who maintain such a good relationship can only continue.

France, Vietnam: friends and companions forever! – VOV/VNA

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