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The school year is officially over. This summer, discover five funny and fun programs available at Gulli, that kids will love!

The school year is over! Now, it’s time for summer vacation. At this time, many parents are wondering which programs are most appropriate for the youngest or for spending time together as a family. Gulli is the children’s channel par excellence broadcasting cartoons and series throughout the day, each more fun and crazy than the next.

So, you don’t yet know what solution to recommend to your children for fear that it won’t match their age or interests? Are you looking for tips to have fun with your kids or discover nuggets to watch with them? Check out our five favorites, to see all summer at Gulli.


Discover the daily life of the Chipmunks and Chipettes in Alvinnn and the Chipmunks, a completely crazy cartoon. After the Alvin and the Chipmunks trilogy, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back but this time away from the stage. In fact, the three siblings who accompanied the Chipettes were ordinary children who went to school every day. But sure, they’re still putting on a show.

Always funny and hilarious, they’re unpredictable like the movies, which is much to Dave’s dismay. Each episode deals with themes on which children find themselves, such as “who is their father’s favorite” or “who is the strongest among them”. However, they have always proved what unparalleled unity is.

If your kids love the world of Alvin and the Chipmunks, we also recommend that you introduce them to the spin-off books from the series.

From 6 years of age

What do they want:

  • Laugh at the completely crazy nonsense of the Chipmunks
  • Find yourself on the topics covered
  • The always crazy ideas of Chipmunks and Chipettes

What scares them:

  • Dave might lose his temper and shout out loud an “ALVINNN !!!”
  • Conflicts between Chipmunks
  • Their teacher was very strong

Also discover the Salto.


Welcome to the Loud has been an important cartoon in recent years that has received numerous awards such as the ASCAP Screen Television Awards in 2017 for best television series or a Kids Choice Awards in 2018 for best animated series.

Discover the absolutely crazy daily life of Lincoln and his ten sisters. The only son of this large family, Lincoln was a charismatic character who showed unconditional love for his sisters. But sometimes, the young man can’t help but be selfish and make wrong choices that put him in dangerous situations. Fortunately, he was always able to fix things.

Welcome to the Louds was a success as a spin-off series of another family emerged: Welcome to Casagrandes, also aired by Gulli. Aside from the animated film Welcome to the Loud, the film is only available on Netflix.

If your kids are absolute fans of the Loud universe, let them discover the origin books that hit the youngest.

Starting at 7 years old

What do they want:

  • Get to know the daily life of a large, completely crazy family and get to know the characters.
  • Collaboration between Lincoln and his ten sisters.
  • The unfailing friendship between Lincoln and Clyde was his best friend.

What scares them:

  • Pranks are more dangerous than each other!
  • Lisa’s science experiments are (always) wrong.

Also available on Netflix, Salto and YouTube.


Zig and Sharko are one of the products of the very famous Marc du Pontavice known for his work on Les Ratz and Oggy and the ukok. This cartoon has the same roots as other creatures at French animation studio Xilam: completely strange and addictive.

While Zig, the brown hyena, tries in every way to eat the Marina mermaid, Sharko the white shark who loves her, does everything to stop her. Like Tom and Jerry, Zig and Sharko have a strong friendship / hate relationship that enriches the cartoon. And even if the series is completely silent, the slapsticks and intense fight scenes are enough to keep you entertained.

If your kids love The Little Mermaid, they will definitely remind Marina of the Disney princess with her red hair and unbelievably so much.

Also look for Zig and Sharko in books taken from the cartoon.

From 9 years of age

What do they want:

  • The crazy fight between Zig and Sharko!
  • Immerse yourself in an aquatic and tropical atmosphere.
  • Marina’s kindness and innocence.

What scares them:

  • Zig tried to eat Marina alive.

Also available on Netflix, Prime Video, Salto and YouTube.


If you’re familiar with Wizards of Waverly Place starring Selena Gomez, then the Thundermans series is just like you. Actually, this time we are not following a family of magicians but a family of superheroes. With eccentric parents, Phoebe, Max, Billy, Nora and Chloe live normal lives while hiding their true identities.

However, the family faces challenges similar to the Disney Channel series. While Phoebe wants to be a superheroine like her parents, her twin Max is attracted to black forces and aspires to be a supervillain.

The battles between the family of superheroes and the many villains determined to defeat them can entice young children to be attracted to the fight scenes. So, between the league of heroes and the league of villains who will win the victory?

Starting at 7 years old

What do they want:

  • Immerse yourself in a family of superheroes.
  • The eccentricity of the Thunderman family.

What scares them:

  • The painful lines of Dr. Colosso trying to hurt Max and push him to become a supervillain.
  • Fights against supervillains.
  • The appearance of supernatural beings such as ghosts, hybrids …

Also available on Netflix, Salto.and YouTube.


Garfield’s reputation preceded him: he was lazy and a lover of food. At Garfield & Cie, the weak cat can’t fail to insist on the audience of his love of nothing. But sadly for him, trouble always comes to him.

While he prefers to stay on his couch eating pizza or lasagna, Garfield always has to help his friends who are accustomed to getting themselves into dangerous situations. With Odie the dog, Squeak the mouse, Nermal the most handsome cat and Arlène the pink cat he is madly in love with, Garfield embarks on an adventure (albeit on his own).

Along with his band, the adventures of the world’s most famous ginger cat will make you laugh every time.

Discover Garfield’s universe of comics inspiring movies and this cartoon.

From the age of 8

What do they want:

  • Garfield’s exciting adventures.
  • His unexpected friendship with Squeak the mouse.
  • Her special relationship with Odie.

What scares them:

  • Garfield’s intense appetite.
  • Garfield sometimes faces dangers from space, ghosts or even crazy scientists.

Also available on Netflix, Prime Video, Salto and YouTube.

Meet Garfield in the photos:

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