Destruction AllStars: New model for new life? Excluded PS5 changes, in our opinion!

Game news Destruction AllStars: New model for new life? Excluded PS5 changes, in our opinion!

A PlayStation exclusive that isn’t appealing, it’s not uncommon! However, this is the sad fate reserved for Destruction AllStars, a motor action game released in February 2021 on the PS5. Despite a solid foundation, the making of Lucid Games / Sony lacks complexity and has chosen a strange economic system. But time has passed and the title has since welcomed many new things. What made you come back? Our opinion on this article!

For Destruction AllStars, it’s time to start a new chapter! Following a mixed release in February 2021 and “free” access for two months thanks to Sony’s subscription offer, the action-packed title once and for all comes with new rankings. PlayStation Plus in Extra and Premium catalogs. . The opportunity for the software to continue its transition to a kind of paid free-to-play. Since last June, Destruction AllStars has had everything from a Fall Guys or a Fortnite model, with a free or paid battle pass to unlock a full set of rewards, a Season system, premium money and constantly updated challenges. For information, it is still possible now to purchase Destruction AllStars on the PlayStation Store (at 20 € and not 80 € as of launch) but you will need a PS Plus account to play online. To get it, the choice is made quickly! The game from the studio Lucid invites you to race cars in many arenas with 17 game heroes. Each has a class – Fast, Solid or Agile – a special car and a unique ability.

“There are some under the cover”

As such, what has really changed all this time? In addition to a hybrid economy system- mentioned above- and some gameplay changes (adding a double-jump, reducing loading for car loads) Destruction AllStars primarily features welcome new game modes. In addition to the standard four, you can try jumper, where four teams of three players will compete to keep the mechanical side as long as possible and score points thanks to a ring in the center of the arena. There is also Blitz, a competitive tournament similar to a multi-round team deathmatch. We can also say “Carnage and Falls“ug”Autornade and fall”, Variants of the two modes already available. As a reminder, the basic AllStars experiences are Carnage (or Mayhem) where you have to collect as many points as possible by speeding up enemies; Autornade (or Carnado) where each effect represents valid pieces in the center of the map before being destroyed; Savings (or Stockpile) type of flag capture with items to be collected; and Survivor (or Gridfall) a small battle royale where the last survivor of a decaying arena is the winner. Finally, there are single-player modes: Story, whose chapters must be unlocked or purchased, and Arcade.

Destruction AllStars – Jumpshot Muscle Part (Gameplay)

Sitting between two seats

So yes, as it stands, Destruction AllStars offers many modes. But the tough law of the “game service / free play” model means it won’t be available all the time. During our long online session, via Quick Match, we only found Carnage and Autornade, Sparing and Survival reserved exclusively for “Arcade”. For Jumpshot and Blitz cases, the first is only accessible from level 10 (count 1h30 in the game), the second only on weekends. In general, it must be accepted that this is a pity. The modes will obviously change according to the Time, which will change as the challenges are completed to win prizes and the prizes themselves (skins, emoticons, etc.). But for as a hybrid model than with AllStars, it remains special. Like buying Story Mode chapters with real money, even if it can be obtained by accumulating premium money over a period of time. Also note an always capricious matchmaking, especially in Jumpshot: in one afternoon, only one of us had access to a game.

Always at full speed?

So yes, just like when it was released, the Destruction AllStars model is in the middle, even if it’s more obvious. More than that, of course there is one final question to answer: is it fun to play? Despite the changes made by Lucid Games, AllStars still leaves a little taste of “could be better”. The sensations of racing and breaking are good without raising the hair; the trends are fun not unique (with the possible exception of Canardo | Epargne); the cast of heroes brings a welcome but never convincing variety while the arenas lack a lot of diversity. However, we hope that there are additions that will change our minds in the future. In the case of Jumpshot, which is relatively new to the title, unfortunately we haven’t played enough to issue a helpful opinion. The mode looks like a combination between Savings and Carnado, except that the player who scores points is randomly selected and clearly displayed in the game. For others, Destruction AllStars remains a fun game, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

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