What is the value of the digital tablet sold for only 79 euros on Amazon?

Desire for killing time in the car on the road on vacation; attractive to follow his series throughout the summer from his vacation; appetite to swallow E-BOOKS or listening to pool music… Amazon’s new Fire 7, on paper, is a matter of temptation. Especially since you can afford it from 79 euros*. What makes this new digital tablet with a 7-inch screen real value, sold seven times lower than the first iPad Mini model? The editorial staff of “20 Minutes” was able to test it out.

An HD screen that lacks light

The recipe is very well known. Amazon is constantly updating various digital tablets. not keynote. And with the start of the summer, it’s the Fire 7, the best-selling slate from the web giant, that is changing. A little moult, really.

Amazon’s Fire 7 (2022) tablet isn’t a tech behemoth, but it’s sold at a short price. – AMAZON

Not much larger than the previous Fire 7 (80.68 x 117.59 x 9.67 mm, against 192 x 115 x 9.6 mm), the new arrival has no real remarkable sign. Cute in its small size, it is pleasant to hold in hand and weighs only 282 grams.

Clearly on its screen is the priority of the eyes. With all purpose sizes, it displays an unchanged definition of 1024 x 600 pixels. It’s not much, but in the end it’s enough to enjoy episodes of TV series, movies or video games. Large black borders 12 mm wide surround it. And it’s not good that only one speaker integrates into the slate. For comfort, the Fire 7 retains a headphone jack, with good quality audio output. You don’t need to be equipped with Bluetooth to enjoy good sound.

Be careful on the outside: in addition to the fact that the screen isn’t exceptionally bright (even with its level pushed to the maximum), a lot of reflections can be seen on top of it. Despite the presence of an IPS panel (with good viewing angles), a lot of viewing can be restricted. Obviously we’ll be thinking about downloading our favorite Netflix series before the holidays: the Fire 7 is Wifi 4 and can’t accommodate a SIM card. Pay attention to the breakdown of stages, therefore, in the car!

More power, more autonomy

The real changes are in it. If the Fire 7 is still offered with 16 or 32 GB of memory, a microSD card slot (up to 1 TB) will come in (against 512 GB for the Fire 7 2019). Amazon has also expanded its processor, which is now loaded with 2 GB of RAM with 2.0 GHz. This gives him 30% faster. Not enough to run intense games, but more than enough to satisfy most devices.

Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet, the ultimate in additional viewing device.
Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet, the ultimate in additional viewing device. – AMAZON

The autonomy of Fire 7 is also strengthened and from 7h to 10h. This is equivalent to Paris-Nice by car. No need to stop at Montélimar to recharge your tablet, like the Fire 7 (2019)! A recharge is now possible with USB-C. In terms of advances, its manufacturer has finally revealed that its latest “tested to double the robustness of the iPad Mini (2021) during tests” (sic!). A free tackle, Amazon has not developed any verifiable element to support this statement… If it is not specified by the brand, we think its tablet is not waterproof…

The photo section remains anecdotal, with 2 megapixel front and rear cameras (and the possibility of filming at 720p). To be used for visions with the family during the summer, but be sure not to bring back beautiful photos or videos from your vacation.

With or without ads?

However, on arrival, Fire 7 (2022) costs almost 80 euros. It’s more than 10 euros more than its age at its launch. As always, Amazon is offering this tablet with a reduced price if you agree to receive ads each time you launch the device *. There’s nothing wrong, really: it’s a simple advertising insert that appears a few seconds before you open the device. The slate may not be as technically magical, but it has the merit of making this type of device accessible to as many people as possible. For safety, a protective shell (29 euros) is recommended, especially on holidays.

*94 euros (no advertising, up to 16 GB); 79 euros (with ads, in 16 GB); 104 euros (no advertising, at 32 GB); 89 euros (with ads, at 32 GB).

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