Vaucluse: the Chorégies d’Orange offers a tonic and festive “Elixir of Love”

For the first of the lyrical works of the 2022 edition of Chorégies d’Orange, “The elixir of love”, by Donizetti, the show was a complete success signed by Adriano Sinivia. Friday, July 8, despite the hurricanes of mistral blowing in the old theater, the homogeneity of the distribution and the fantasy of the game won over 4,000 spectators in attendance.

If the choice of “The elixir of love”, by the Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti, may, a priori, raise fears that the work will only adapt to the particular context of the ancient theater of Orange, the vision proposed director Adriano Sinivia immediately eliminated all worries. It is in the humor, pure fantasy, gags and in the festive spirit that this production has built its impact.

Unexpected projections

In a XXL device envisioned by the set, with giant wheat and poppies and a large tractor wheel, the countryside and extreme nature of the subject is expressed, and the comedy aspect of the plot is further exploited.

With a direction of the actors using recipes from the boulevard theater, very colorful costumes, unexpected (and very successful) projections, the huge wall formed of Roman monumental stones, total entertainment warranty.

The accessories and lighting complete the irresistible and confusing nature of a concept whose trajectory continues to the end. To the delight of this performance, which received a tall standing ovation during the salute.

One direction without partition

For this repertoire work to be built on delicacy, lightness, rhythm and touching sensations, it is important to entrust the management of the orchestra to a conductor who fits the style and personality of the brand. With Giacomo Sagripanti, a wise choice.

Leading from memory and management to maintain the balance of the tables despite the mistral rush that came on the night of the Chorégies, he, the leader of the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra and the fellow choirs of Avignon and Monte Carlo, won the game. . In terms of sounds and translating this “Elixir”, great satisfaction.

A very good level of vocal platform

But Donizetti’s opera is not satisfied with the sights to be seen and a well-received entertainment scene. The voices should also (and thankfully) be there. Under the statue of Augustus, everything was there.

Surrounding Anna Nalbandiants (an innocent Giannetta), the lead actresses in the cast have undoubtedly met the expectations of opera lovers. Erwin Schrott one. Invited for the third time to the Chorégies, the Uruguayan bass-baritone did a short job in the role of Dulcamara.

With a surprising ease on stage, an unbeatable theatrical presence, and an ease of filling the void with his well -planned voice, he once again prevailed.

A controlled and flexible edge line

A newcomer to Orange, Polish baritone Andrezej Filończyk (Belcore), reveals his interesting light timbre and his great playing, of course (but this is the perspective the game seeks for all participant in this production), while the South African soprano Pretty Yende drew a fresh Adina. Clean, in a beautiful clarity, exteriorizing a controlled and flexible vocal line, his voice is able to express all the feelings of character.

Finally, with Francesco Demuro, Orange applauds a Nemorino in the very best water. Called to replace René Barbera, who was originally planned, the Sardinian tenor defends with sensitivity and intelligence in the pages “The elixir of love” offers him. And his aria “Una furtiva lagrima” (which he sang), proves his technique, his sense of nuances and his suitability for a role in this format.

The show will air on July 22, at 9 p.m., on “France 5”.

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