The Art of the Concept of Love and Thunder Reveals Russell Crowe’s Wild OG Role

Warning: Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder

On the exit of Thor: Love and Thunder, The new concept art of actor Russell Crowe’s original role in the film has been revealed online. Thor: Love and Thunder saw Chris Hemsworth return to his long -titular role as Norse God of Thunder. He was joined by Natalie Portman as his ex-girlfriend Dr. Jane Foster, who eventually uses the power of Thor, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Taika Waititi as Korg’s voice. The sequel also introduces new characters like Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher and Crowe’s Zeus.

Zeus has a limited role in Thor: Love and Thunder, first appears when Thor, Valkyrie, Jane, and Korg enlist Zeus’ help in building an army to fight Gorr. Thoughts didn’t go as planned, and Thor threw Zeus’ lightning at his chest, as if killing him. Zeus has no major impact on the story other than stealing the team with his lightning, but the post-credits scene in the movie makes it clear that Zeus will take revenge on Thor by sending his son Hercules after him. This has huge implications for future Thor stories, but it hardly happens.

Concept artist Miles Teves, working Thor: Love and Thunder, took to his Instagram account to reveal that Crowe was initially thought to be not a god, but Satan himself. Teves posted two pencil drawings of the Oscar-winning actor as the Devil, the first on a throne of fire with horns and claws and holding a broken human leg, and the second shows a more humorous and colorful version of her relaxing on a couch. , still on the same leg. Check out the two original artist posts below:

Click here to see the Instagram post

Click here to see the Instagram post

While Teves scoffed at speculating that Marvel rejected the idea of ​​Crowe playing the devil because of his artwork, the work has received a lot of positive feedback from fans online, with many commenting on what the film could do. Thor: Love and Thunder continues in the new direction that Waititi first took in Thor franchisee sa Thor: Ragnarok, because the last film has a lighter tone and a little silly. Crowe’s description of Zeus as psychopathic but humorous is no exception, and it’s fair to guess whether he’ll follow the same path if he plays Satan.

Since its release, Thor: Love and Thunder received mixed reviews of Rotten Tomatoes, which continues a new trend in MCU films that have performed below average since the start of Phase 4. Much of this can be attributed to Waititi’s style that relies heavily on jokes and humorous moments rather than the progression of the story. However, the idea of ​​bringing Satan to the MCU would be too crazy to understand. There may be a possibility that Thor will face Satan in the future, but that could be saved for an Avengers -level threat. But to Crowe that looks like Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunderalmost certain that he would no longer play Devil.

Source: Miles Teves

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