some tips on cooling down and protecting your dog from extreme heat

Summer time is here, the sky is blue (sometimes), the sun is shining (usually), the swimming pool is watching us, we mark the days on the calendar before the holidays (in any case, or you want to!)… But summer, in France, is the same: hot, hot, and hot again!

And when the temperature rises, our hair follicles can sometimes give us a lot of pain. They, like us, sometimes have only one desire, to put the top of the truffle outside and enjoy it. However, the sun is deceptive at times, the heat is unbearable and the soils can burn as it retains heat.

So it’s our job to help our four -legged friends cool down, to protect their toenails and of course their skin. Brushing, cutting, grooming… We give you our tips below to answer all your questions.

Keep your dog cool during the hot waves

How to Keep Dogs Cool When It’s Hot?

Sometimes we read that dogs don’t sweat, but the reality is more complicated than that. In fact, because they are covered in fur, they have several sweat glands (the glands that allow the production of sweat). So the dogs sweat a little, but still sweat.

In addition, the system of temperature regulation in dogs is less efficient than in humans, so they are more sensitive to temperature rise than we are.

However, dogs have tools at their disposal: their pads, amazement and their face.

Their pads have some sweat glands present in dogs, so they evacuate through their claws. At the same time, when its body temperature rises, the dog’s blood circulation will drain blood to the tongue, the tongue in turn releasing a lot of moisture. Finally, when it is hot, the nerves in the dog’s face expand which will provide more water to the face and ears.

All of these elements placed tip to tip allow the dog to control its temperature during hot spots. However, don’t forget that you have a share of responsibility for cooling your dog. Here are the best adoption practices.

How to help dogs cool down when they are hot?

Our first advice is not to practice strenuous activity with your dog when it is hot. Instead, adopt calm activities like “brushing the bed” for example. Different brushes are available to take care of his coat, we have a preference for Sheddy from MOSER Animalwhich further promotes blood circulation and removes excess hair.

Summer: some tips on cooling down and protecting your dog from the heat

Swimming is an activity that is highly valued by our animal friends. If you have the outdoors, you can also opt for the dog pool. If you can’t give him a water point, use a bamboo towels, read it and massage your dog’s armpits, groin or abdomen with it. Otherwise, you can put it on him.

Always make water available to your four -legged friend, this will allow him to stay hydrated.

Finally, for walks, choose early morning or afternoon and choose shady places to walk, in the woods or on the grass, rather than concrete ground. In fact, you need to pay attention to the floors your dog is practicing on to avoid burning the pads.

Protect dogs ’paws during hot waves

Asphalt, sand and dog feet

While the underside of dogs ’paws and pads are more durable, the skin is different there and better protects them from the weather, especially the heat. However, it is important to remember that they are not movable, they are not soles, and dogs can injure themselves especially in hot places.

In fact, you’ll recall that on average, if it’s 25 ° C outside, it’s equivalent to about 50 ° C for asphalt, and if the air temperature rises to 35 ° C, the asphalt reaches 65 ° C on average. To control the temperature of the floor, we invite you to put your hand on it for a few seconds. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s probably for your dog.

However, we advise you to prepare your nails well before the hot weather and protect them all summer.

Prepare and protect your dog’s paws before and during the summer

To protect your dog’s claws, you can prepare the skin and pads. For this, we advise you to moisturize them regularly with shea butter, coconut oil or a special foot care for dogs such as Pretty Paw by MOSER Animal. This treatment takes the form of a spray that is gentle and complete (due to its composition: jojoba oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil and honey) and is very easy to apply.

At the same time, to strengthen your dog’s pads before summer, have him practice on surfaces with different and rough aspects like cobblestones. This will help form a horn under the dog’s claws. Over time, a protective layer is created and enhances natural resistance to burns.

After each trip, check the condition of the pads to make sure there are no injuries. If in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

Protect dogs skin during hot waves

Protect dogs ’skin from the sun, why?

The hair protects the skin from the sun. In addition, the humidity accumulated inside allows, through wind currents, the animal to cool down in summer, but also to warm up in winter.

Cutting is not always a good idea. Strongly advised not to bite certain breeds of dogs. It can have the desired opposite effect and cause sunburn. If you are too short, you risk getting the insulating air layer against the cold but also the heat. However, for varieties that can clip, cutting is a good solution to help them cool down.

Cutting dogs in the summer, good habits

To maintain adequate protection, it is important, to shear dogs (such as poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu breeds, etc.), to maintain 1 to 1.5 cm in length. You really don’t need to cut any further to get rid of the excess and lighten its wear.

You can go to a groomer to groom your dog. If not, you also have the option of taking care of it yourself at home. It’s even easier than it looks and you can save money at the same time!

Shaving at home requires basic equipment: a shampoo, a hair dryer, a brush and at least a trimmer for full mowing with counter combs. The bonus is trimmer for finishing (face, feet, private parts).

Summer: some tips on cooling down and protecting your dog from the heat

Summer: some tips on cooling down and protecting your dog from the heat

You can mow on a table to get comfortable. But prefer a grippy surface. For this, you can cut the old yoga mat to the right size.

Here are many tips to help you and your dog withstand high temperatures and protect themselves from the summer sun. That’s the motto of the summer: we have fun, but we protect ourselves (legs and body)! All have quality accessories and scissors recommended by veterinarians and groomers. Visit the MOSER Animal website today to discover brand accessories:

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