Places of crèches, relations with the towns left, Lafarge land … What to remember from the advice of the Pays des Paillons

Last community council before the start of the school year in September chaired by Cyril Piazza, the mayor of Peille. Elected representatives of the Community of Communes of Pays des Paillons (CCPP) have adopted some deliberations regarding the departure of the two communes to Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis. Early childhood, housing, dirty water … We return to the main topics discussed.

There is no more room in the Blausasc crèche

“The reception of the children of Cantaron and Peillon was carried on until then at the crèche La fourmiga de Drap”which became a metropolitan facility, “requires that they be welcomed from August 29 at the Lu nistou de la Pouncha crèche located in La Pointe-de-Blausasc”, presented by Monique Giraud-Lazzari, Deputy Vice-President for Community Cultural Policy. The capacity of the establishment will increase to 45 cradles instead of 39 (1).

The delivery of meals to the Drap crèche is debated

The Mayor of Coaraze remembers that “The management of the Drap crèche has been provided by Sivom Val-de-Banquière since April 1, 2022”. An agreement for the delivery of CCPP meals was signed effective until July 31, 2022. “Sivom asks CCPP to continue making and delivering Drap crèche meals until December 22, 2022 “. A new agreement was proposed by the elected officials.

President Cyril Piazza justified the move: “Now, it seems that Sivom is not yet ready for the preparation of Fourmiga meals and it is asking us to delay. What is important to us is the interest of the child, as for CCPP the cost. Nil because the reimbursement is in constant cost. The vice president, mayor of Cantaron Gérard Branda is categorical: “At some point you have to be told to stop. Sivom already has crèches and the pretext of children’s interest does not hold”. He will vote against extending the agreement with Sivom until December 22. It is still adopted by the majority.

Support for Drap solar dryer project

Contois community adviser Gérard de Zordo lined up “interest in the action of the Intermunicipal Syndicate for the collection and treatment of wastewater in the Paillon Valley (Sect)for the six member municipalities and for their residents and the solar dryer project whose construction is planned by the Drap wastewater treatment plant to recover sludge and reduce the cost of its treatment ”. Sludge production represents significant tonnage due to high levels of humidity and “It takes expensive travel to be treated at sites outside the Bouches-du-Rhône department, or even in Hérault”.

To solve this situation, the solar dryer project led by Sicteu will make this possible. “reduce the moisture content of the sludge to 10%, making it possible to use it as an alternative fuel in the kiln at the Vicat cement plant just ten kilometers from the station.” A project included in the Regional Territorial Balance Contract signed in 2020 by the CCPP and the Region and in 2021 with the State as part of the energy recovery and transition contract. “It’s 90% less CO than it is now”. The motion of support was voted unanimously.

Regional Agreement for Lafarge land

This was stated by the President “the Pimian industrial zone whose only activity is the Lafarge cement plant has ceased its activity in the commune of Contes”. Lafarge wants to sell the processing area and the CCPP and the town of Contes want to encourage economic transformation in this sector by developing new sectors especially tertiary activities.

The goal: to produce nearly 25,000m² in areas in line with the objectives of curbing the artificialization of soils. In this context, the two communities requested the Public Land Establishment of Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur (EPF Paca) “to start a land intervention mission during the implementation phase of the Pimian site”. So Cyril Piazza suggested “a convention”. “It’s a strong signal and an asset we give to each other to work together to be successful”.

1-The three other CCPP crèches have a capacity of 40 places for L’Olivier in Contes, 30 places for La petite loco in L’Escarène and 10 places for Li Estélas micro-nursery in Coaraze.

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