“Love, Death & Robots” season 3, “Pistol”, “Black Bird” … How much is the series for the week?

An SF animation anthology filled with nuggets, a biopic of Sex Pistols, a thriller by Dennis Lehane… We tell you all about these new releases, to watch on TV or on platforms.

On TV channels

q “Three” (Canal+)

Siri and David have been in love since high school. This young Swedish couple lives in London. He finished law school, he took a small job to pay the bills. After a drunken night, Siri pushes David to share a bed with Camille, a strange and attractive Frenchwoman. The Three (“three”, in English) have a detrimental effect on their spouse… Read more

p “Devils”, season 2 (OCS Max)

June 2016. The United Kingdom is about to vote to leave Europe. As the head of a group of City businessmen, Massimo Ruggero knows he can win big if he makes the right choice, “sa” hope “outside”. At the same time, a game on the go between a human and a machine sparked a “data war” between China and the United States. Kalim, one of Massimo’s colleagues, rightly thought of an application project that would make it possible, in the event of a pandemic, to list contact cases … Read more

q “Berlin 63”, season 3 (Arte)

After 1956 and 1959, this family melodrama made a new leap into the future. The Schöllack family spent Christmas 1962 at their dance school in Kurfürstendamm, a shopping street in a Berlin divided in two by the Wall, which was built two years ago. An accident arouses desires for change in Caterina’s three daughters, an intrusive and obsessive mother: Monika, a composer who lives as a couple but is still rebellious, Eva, a gallery tag victim of violence by her husband, and Helga, married to a prosecutor who hid his homosexuality… Read More

On the platforms

r “Love, Death and Robots”, season 3 (Netflix)

“Jibaro” : for the past few weeks, this mysterious word has been circulating like an open sesame between acquaintances and others. But what exactly does one need to know? That episode 9 of season 3 of Love, Death and Robot, baptized Jibaro, an aesthetic blow that will leave you haggard. Seventeen minutes into a short film that is unlike anything else (except your next dreams), and almost alone justifies diving into the new part of the animation anthology by Tim Miller and David Fincher… Read More

q “Stranger Things”, Season 4, Volume 2 (Netflix)

Sure amounts, these series that continue to attract a large audience even after many seasons, are already there. Netflix didn’t expect this, however Stranger Things, The madeleine project of two cinephile brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer, became his most famous series. From an industrial point of view, we understand that the platform wants to keep it alive as long as possible. However, the last two episodes of the fourth season, were posted on Friday 1ster July, everything has an end. The main dramatic tensions, almost all suspense and romantic springs find there a form of conclusion… Read more

p “Pistol”, miniseries (Disney+)

Pistol Did he miss his target? Directed by Danny Boyle, this biopic miniseries of Sex Pistols has become sadly ethical, dull and soporific. Anything other than punk… A shame for the azimuth author of Trainspotting ! Produced by Craig Pearce (screenwriter atElvis, by Baz Luhrmann), Pistol based on Lonely Boy: My Life as a Sex Pistols (EPA edition), Memoirs of his guitarist and founding member Steve Jones… Read more

q “Black Bird”, miniseries (Apple TV+)

The American appetite is small screen for real crime do not be discouraged. It’s the turn of Dennis Lehane, number one in the black novel Across the Atlantic (Mystic River, Shutter Island, but also the scenario in three stages of The wire), to adapt a true criminal story. In 1990, James Keene, a cynical and sexist playboy, was convicted of cocaine trafficking. The FBI offers him a risky deal: if he agrees to be jailed for a while with Larry Hall, serial killer who is suspected of raping and killing some young women, pretending to be his friend and getting information from him about his crimes, he can escape ten years in prison… Read more

pVoice: the missing passenger of flight 163 ”(Arte.tv)

Aylin and Selim are a happy couple and live with their son in their luxurious villa in Istanbul. One morning, Selim flew away unable to reach its destination. Aylin believes he was already dead in the plane crash. Not like that. Then began an investigation between Iran and Turkey where the past and present intertwine. Produced in 2012 for Turkish channel ATV, this series by Berkun Oya (recognized by One is a friend), a great success. Fifty episodes was a hit and sold in more than thirty countries-seduced, Fox, for example, shot the pilot in an aborted remake. But, at first glance, one might wonder why. Everything is supported, stretched. Zooms, slow motion and music are used excessively. The story itself seems to be drowning in a mass of similar plots. However, his was able to mix thriller and soap in a confusing way. And we found ourselves waiting for the next one… PM

q “Fear” (Netflix)

While Malen Zubiri (impressive Itziar Ituño, who played in Lisbon at Kuwarta Heist) ran for mayor of Bilbao, a sex tape revealing him with his girlfriend is on the Web. Will this scandal benefit this mother’s ambitions? At the same time victim of revenge porn at her workplace, a young worker named Ane Uribe committed suicide after spreading close-up videos. Stubborn Alicia Vázquez led the investigation into these two cases … Inspired by the true story of Spanish Olvido Hormigos, Scare crossed political thriller and social drama. Under the influence of Borgen and in 13 Reasons Why, the series skillfully deconstructs the mechanisms of cyberbullying in a Spain still dominated by patriarchy: the spread of rumors of a former, neighbor, partner, the expulsion of victims, their swallowing of guilt even if it is a crime, the wait-and-see behavior unworthy of men in power in the face of this scourge… Women can trust the brotherhood. CE

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