Julie (Love is in the meadow) single, she opens up her complicated love stories

Julie is a woman who introduces herself because of her appearance on the popular show Love is in the pasture. The latter knows how to introduce himself thanks to his kindness and his initiation of a romantic relationship.

Love is in the pasture, a show with a big heart?

This is a show that continues to be talked about due to many events.

In fact, its concept is somewhat atypical and it is the fruit of success. You should know that many movies based on romantic relationships are on our television screens.

But others have been able to stand out because of their identities, but not only. In fact, you should know that this is a program with very strong dynamics, which makes it possible to put an important point on the farmers.

A profession promoted thanks to this program, which does not hide any aspect of their daily lives. And that’s also important for couples who form later!

Thus, many couples were formed in this show, thus creating a lot of talk about them. And Julie is one of those people who knows how to mark audiences Love is in the pasture.

Julie from Love is in the meadow.

It is sometimes common to see former participants in some programs confess their experiences.

This often happens and it is even more important to know that many people have a lot to say. Therefore, it should be noted that the different candidates in the show Love is in the pasture there are many stories.

And it can range from a simple love relationship to the good relationship everyone wants. As a result, many candidates have already testified, and some have happier lives than others.

But Julie, who participated in the show Love is in the pastureconfessed after an incomprehensible incident

A story with Jean-Michel that began in 2019 and has been particularly vulnerable to multiple separations and getting pregnant.

The show specifically states the following about this story: “ Since this shoot, Julie has been single again, having failed to find the right balance after two years of trying in her relationship with her partner.“.

Julie (

He especially wanted to express himself about this breakup which is so hard about knowing: “ I did the show L’amour est dans le pré because I had so few stories in my life, especially out of fear of leaving. There’s also embarrassment, but I’ve been working on that for a long time than that. Jean-Michel opened my eyes to the lack of love I had“.

The former participant of the show Love is in the pasture seems to have particularly made an important decision. He would not have liked to be contacted and clarified the following: “ Cutting off contact is complicated, but I haven’t heard from you in a few months.“.

More stories?

Life goes on for this farmer and former participant of Love is in the pasture.

In particular, he wants to continue his life by meeting other people, thus allowing him to find the ideal person..

In addition, he was reported to have also met someone who seemed to fit all of his manners. It’s a guy who’s been flashing on him since his time on the show. But the latter also doesn’t seem to want to attend the airwaves.


He and the former contestant on the show Love is in the pasture met and the situation improved as he explained: “ We got to know each other and I became his best friend“.

But friendship can be love for later: ” I had a feeling of love while he was gone“.

He added: This man was all I was looking for. He doesn’t want to anymore. He was kind enough to let us get away a little. But this bond will never be broken“.

While admitting that it seems complicated to watch him have another woman. A difficult situation for a former show participant!

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