How to take care of your dog or cat during the holidays?

The season of big holiday departures is approaching, with, as every year, the same problem for millions of French people: how to take care of their pets?

Camping, summer rentals, hotels … It’s not always easy to take your four-legged friend anywhere.

One situation that can lead to serious situations: the abandonment of animals.

Each year, 100,000 animals are abandoned, including at least 40,000 during the summer holidays.

In 2021, SPA shelters thus collected 16,894 animals between May 1 and August 31, a record.

However, there are many solutions for keeping your pet, such as pensions, “taking care of a pet”, assistance between individuals, or custody only of relatives. We investigated for you, and, with the help of our readers, prompted by a survey, we dug up solutions.

Call relatives or neighbors

The first option is the simplest, and the cheapest. It involves turning to those close to you. Friends, family, neighbors… One of them will definitely be happy to take care of your furball. If you have a cat, you can, for example, give your keys to your neighbor or a friend, who will come and feed it, and they can even take advantage of the opportunity to water your plants. If your pet needs attention, you can take it to your loved one; or the latter may be with you during your absence.

This is what Caroline, a resident of La Garde (83), did.

“A friend will come to my house to take care of my cat and guard the house instead of going to her parents. Everyone can get something out of it!”

More than a third of readers who responded to our survey relied on their pet with a loved one when they were on vacation.

However, it is not always possible to find a relative or neighbor willing to take care of your pet. Don’t be afraid, there are other options.

Photo by Hannah Wright.

Exchange of custody or volunteering: economic solutions

If your budget is small, there are two alternatives: volunteer or exchange pet seating.

You can find someone to take care of your pet during the time you are away, and instead, you will take care of their companion during the time they are away. Depending on the arrangement, your pet may stay with you. To do this, the free Animal Keepers site offers to get you in touch with other owners.

Finally, if you haven’t found volunteers to keep your companion, you can always go to special sites. A service though is subject to an annual subscription. Have Animal smart (€ 9.90/year) or Borrowing Mon Toutou (€ 29.90/year).

Photo CD.

Book a place at the boarding house

One of the most popular solutions is pension. You can hand over your pet to a professional within a few days or a week. Your companion will thus be cared for within a regulated framework, benefit from a box or a large space, and be able to have fun with his congeners.

The price of a dog ride is usually around 20 € / day and per animal. Take a few euros if it’s a cat. There are many kennels and pensions in the Var and in the Alpes Maritimes. Our readers recommended to us, among others, the pension of Dog Méditerranée, located in Mouans-Sartoux (18 € / day for a dog, 13 € / day for a cat), as well as Dog Attitude , in Mougins (from € 18 to € 24/day for dog, from € 12 to € 14/day for cat). Also in Mougins, the Argeville kennel offers to welcome your dog from € 17.50/day. In Var, you will find the pension des Coeurs Poilus in Cannet-des-Maures (20 €/day).

In Toulon, a reader recommended our cat boarding house in Matoulonnais. If your cat is someone at home and doesn’t like the changes, you can take refuge in Katzamis, also in Toulon, which offers home boarding.

To keep you from being separated from your partner, you should also find a boarding house next to your vacation spot. This is the option preferred by Valentin, a resident of Aspremont (06).

We bring our two dogs and usually ride or ride near our vacation spot. ” -Valentine.

Photo by Anthony Duran.

Ask for paid individuals, or “pet keeper

At the same pension price, or even slightly cheaper, you can also hand over your pet to a private individual for whom you pay. Based on the same concept of child care, the “sitting on the pet” a more popular activity. In exchange for compensation, your pet is fed, picked up, hugged, and housed as appropriate.

Many sites are dedicated to the offers of “pet keepers“: Animaute (about 20 €/day), Animalin (10-15 €/day). Just enter your postal code to see offers on”pet keeper “ near you.

Fanny, a resident of Nice, went through the Gudog platform to find her “pet-sitter”.

It was both inspiring, and at the same time I knew he was in the same neighborhood as mine, and I got a lot of news. And the price is still very fair.

He prefers this option, which allows him to find someone who is available, who has experience and knows former clients. This saves her from placing the responsibility of caring for her dog on a loved one.

Photo by Matt Nelson.

Selection and habitats of animal protection associations

Other shelters and animal protection associations also offer boarding, often in exchange for a donation. Therefore, the Espoir SPA shelter in Grasse, located in Mougins, offers storage of your dogs and cats, usually dogs, from a few days to a few weeks, for 14 €/day.

By offering a pension, independent housing, living only on donations, can be self-sufficient. But the goal is also to fight against abandonment, by offering a reasonable price, or even free, to owners with no other solution.

“If, after a temporary change, people want to leave them because they can’t pay the pension, then we keep them free.”
Marie Pelou, manages the Espoir SPA resort in Grasse

Be careful, though, many accommodations do not offer boarding.

Photo by AFP.

Prepare for departure

In addition to your wallet, the solution you find will also depend on your pet’s needs and temperament. But whatever option you choose, there are a series of steps to take before leaving it. You will need to hand over the identification card and the health book to your hairball; check that the coordinates in the I-CAD file (Identification of Domestic Carnivores) are updated.

Also check that your pet’s vaccinations are the latest, especially against rabies and kennel cough, as most boarding houses, shelters and kennels will ask you for this. Provide a list of your pet’s needs: about kibble, number of outings …

Finally, leave your phone number and your veterinarian. The SPA also recommends having a certificate of care signed by the person who will be caring for your partner.

It allows you to leave your pet with confidence, and you will spend a more peaceful holiday. In any case, quitting is never the solution.

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