Small format with great display: the new Samsung soundbar is finally available

Announced at CES 2022, the Samsung HW-S800B soundbar will finally be available for sale. His particuliarity? High-end performance in a very small package.

Soundbars are already a first choice solution to enjoy immersive sound with minimal footsteps. This year, Samsung has done even better with its new reference, the HW-S800B, which measures just 3.8 centimeters in length. A capability that allows you to enjoy quality spatialized sound from a device that couldn’t be more intelligent.

To celebrate the launch of the new soundbar model, the Korean manufacturer sent us a number of offers. Launched at a price of 749 euros, the Samsung HW-S800B benefits from a discount that increases its price by 599 euros.

Unfailing goodness

In 2022, you won’t find a more discreet soundbar than the Samsung HW-S800B. With its 3.8 cm length and 3.9 cm depth, it can be placed in front of a television set wisely, without any risk of hiding the image. Beyond these dimensions, the sturdy and sleek design of this sound bar gives it elegance without compromising the decoration of your interior.

The Samsung HW-S800B soundbar // Source: Samsung

The Samsung HW-S800B has a subwoofer that benefits from the same design attention. To add to it all, it has no cord, so you can put it wherever you want, without dragging a long, bad cable.

An immersive sound experience for movies

Despite its small size, the Samsung HW-S800B has a total of 10 speakers. One configuration that offers 3.1.2-channel reproduction: three channels for horizontal spatialization, two more for vertical spatialization and one final for bass. This way you can hear sounds from the ceiling or the sides, even if the device is in front of you.

This is the ideal configuration to enjoy the best sound immersion, with immersive sound. Especially since the Samsung HW-S800B supports audio formats round Virtual DTS: X and Dolby Atmos.

An added advantage, the latter can operate wirelessly: you don’t have to connect your sound bar via HDMI to your television to enjoy it. An innovation that will only work on Samsung’s high-end TVs from 2022.

Something that will liven up your nights

In 2022, a good soundbar won’t just deliver audio from your TV. With its HW-S800B, Samsung has multiplied entry points for listening to music in the simplest way possible. In addition to traditional Bluetooth compatibility, there is also integration with Chromecast, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect. You can transfer the playback of your favorite song from your smartphone to the soundbar by pressing a button.

Samsung soundbar HW-S800B 3
The Samsung HW-S800B soundbar // Source: Samsung

Owners of Samsung smartphones will also be happy to see the manufacturer’s Tap Sound function. Just place your phone on the soundbar and music playback will pass from one device to another.

A reduction in the price on the occasion of the launch

If Samsung is working hard to reduce the size of its new soundbar, it won’t be sacrificing sound quality and connectivity. The Samsung HW-S800B is a determined high-end reference, but nonetheless benefits from a nice launch discount. By reducing the discount to 150 euros, the Samsung HW-S800B has dropped in price to 599 euros.

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