Love story and Covid. Sandra locked herself in her motorhome to protect her family

In front of the family home, neighbors saw strange arrivals and walks around the motorhome. In the early days, they thought the holidays were coming up. And then, in front of the parade of food trays, they discover that Sandra lived in a van she gently called to protect her little family from Covid.

It was an idea of ​​his daughter, launched in a humorous tone: “If anyone catches Covid, they’ll go to the motorhome! ” And then, a few days later, Sandra felt the first tingling in her throat, pain, fatigue … and, of course, her Covid test!

“Actually, I didn’t ask myself the questionstatement by Sandra Chenet, I got in the van. Most of all, I don’t want to contaminate mine and because this variant is so contagious, I isolate myself. If I’m still in the house, there are dangers. “

Sandra works in the analysis laboratories at the Cavale Blanche hospital in Brest. Virus contamination he found out. “This was done spontaneously to limit the spread, and thanks to the van, no one in the family got sick.“, He was happy.

In a few moments, Sandra’s residence was reduced to a few square meters in this car as it was intended for happier moments.

My husband plugs in the electricity at home rather than at night, especially if you’re sick, it’s a bit cold, ” said Sandra. For the first few days, shaken by the infection, he slept a lot and then life got organized.

Noisette, one of the two cats in the house, joined Sandra. “He felt I was not well. He arrived in the van and remained there for seven days in jail. Obviously he had a right to come out, but he came back to put himself at my feet and sleep with me.“The little cat came to soften the loneliness.

For the first few days, Sandra took some van reservations, ”I’m not well, and so I’m not hungry “, he said. And then, when she had regained a little energy and regained her appetite, her husband started cooking.

On the menu, this Wednesday night, prawns, round rice with nuocmam sauce and carrot and zucchini spaghetti.

To keep his distance from the virus, he delivers trays of food through the motorhome window. “Madam has been served! “

“He pampered me, he took good care of meSandra smiled, he even brought me flowers. “

A few days later, their daughter celebrated her 15th birthday in a germ-free home. ‘He filmed me to participate in a little birthday party. He took good care of me. ‘

Sandra’s days passed slowly. Another rhythm is entered. A little music, some info, fortunately, the motorhome was well equipped, the hours passed peacefully.

My son bought me an adult holiday notebook and my daughter brought me watercolors, said Sandra touched by all this attention. You are allowed to escape a little.

By isolating herself in this way, Sandra protects her family, which pays her. If Covid is contagious, so is love and generosity.

After seven days in solitude, the jail term ends on Saturday. Sandra will find her family, her house, her bed … her job too and leave her motorhome.

For a few days in the van, I didn’t experience them as a prison, but as protection. It’s our little house outside, a little piece of our house that we can take anywhere and there he showed me that he can protect us too. “

But Sandra knows that soon, the van will find its true mission, to help them take them on vacation, get together and forget about this destructive coronavirus.

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