How to keep your dog cool in the summer? What are the symptoms of heat stroke and can it be cured?

If you have a pet, it means you are adopting a family member and you are not skimping on means and care. For his part, he will reward you with his loyal love. Giving her almost all the comfort she needed included not only feeding her but taking care of her health and safety. Different dog breeds are different in tolerating heat. So, how to refresh your dog? We have the answer!

Try putting yourself in the skin of your fur! It’s like wearing a wool sweater when the temperature exceeds 30 ° C. It’s true that a dog house protects your puppy from bad weather and guarantees him a space to move around easily, but in any case it would not cool him. Cooling your dog in the hot waves is essential for his health!

how to cool your dog regulates body temperature snoring

It’s not just men who are prone to heatstroke. The difference is that the dog does not sweat. She regulates her body temperature by breathing. These are his sweat glands that help water evaporate. The level of heat tolerance depends on the breed of dog.

Which species is more resistant to rising temperatures?

how to cool your dog differently to withstand rising temperatures

In general, heat-tolerant dogs are better off with short hair, but there are breeds like the Border Collie whose two coats of coat do not allow moisture to accumulate. This feature makes it uniquely able to withstand rising temperatures.

Keeping your dog cool in hot weather is all about preparation and thinking ahead.

how to cool your dog small breeds prone to sunburn

Small breeds are easily sunburned even if they like to walk in strong sunlight, except for the Chihuahua which is well used to high temperatures. Just give him water to drink so he doesn’t get dehydrated.

Another feature that ensures good heat resistance is your dog’s long muzzle that allows him to breathe easily.

What do you need to know when choosing your pet?

heatstroke dog animal breeds vulnerable heat diseases cross origin

First, purebreds are more susceptible to disease and heat than crossbreds. A flat muzzle, a broad skull, long hair (with small exceptions), a weight over 50 kg and of course, an advanced age are one of the factors that determine whether a different dog will allow heat waves better or not.

symptoms of heatstroke dogs golden labradors susceptible to overheat disease

If you live in tropical areas, keep in mind that Labradors and Goldens are more susceptible to diseases from excessive heat. The Chow Chow, the English Bulldog and its French cousin, Spaniels, Boxers and the Dogue de Bordeaux cannot adapt to the very hot climate.

hot dog behavior in the morning freshness twilight light night best time to walk

Don’t forget to walk with your puppy by going out at noon or in the afternoon when UV rays are unforgivable. The cold of the morning and the darkness of the warm night are the best times to walk. If you notice that your furry friend is getting too hot, bathe him well with homemade dog shampoo which is sure to refresh him.

When going out, always bring a bottle full of water.

If you allow your dog to share your interior, there is no problem with overheating thanks to the air conditioning, but if he stays outside his kennel, he needs to be watched. The symptoms are not different from what people see: severe dizziness, weakness, confusion or loss of coordination, salivation in the mouth, vomiting or diarrhea, tremors or weakness, seizures.

hot dog season install a cool wet towel cooling carpet in front of the fan

If this happens, you need to act immediately:

  • Move the dog to a shady, cool place
  • Keep him calm and quiet
  • Place it on a cool wet towel, cooling mat, or in front of a fan
  • Give him small sips of drinking water
  • Wet feet, ears and head and remember that freezing water can cause shock

Don’t forget to visit the veterinarian because you can’t estimate the seriousness of the problem.

What to avoid in the hot sun?

dogs in hot burning sand tar avoid finding shaded areas

Even if you are on the beach and the water is running at your feet, keep in mind that the sand can be hot. Cemented bike paths as well. So, stay in grassy, ​​shady areas while watching out for pests.

Leaving a dog alone in an overheated car is a big mistake that can be a tragedy. Your travel or shopping plan should be drawn up so that the puppy does not stay under the hot metal.

dogs in the hot mountains find the course clean water refreshing drink

Try to find clear, clean streams that your furry friend can soak in to cool off. Providing separate clean water in a bowl of water for him to drink is a good idea.

The way to cool your dog is easy-steaming or sprinkling water can cause unbearable heat, but some dogs don’t like it and walk away scared.

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