Here are the foods you should not give your dog for his health

Dogs are rather omnivorous animals, suggesting that they may eat the same human foods or combine the remnants of their food. However, even if it is healthy for us, they can make your dog very sick or even kill him.

Experts say that food of your dog “should be sparse and that the regular daily ration should be based on animal-specific food”.

The human diet is often high in fat, which can lead to pancreatitis. In addition, the spices present in the food can cause severe gastroenteritis, ulcers, colitis …

Certain foods such as sweet, salty products or certain fruits can be harmful. So are chicken bones, which can cause numbness and even death.

Eating raw foods such as eggs or meat is also dangerous as it can enter bacteria animal body. Other foods, such as liver, are rich in vitamin A, which is not easily assimilated, such as lactose in milk and dairy products, which can cause diarrhea.

According to a study by the University of Leipzig, approximately 40% of dogs worldwide suffer from obesity, a number similar to humans. For experts, there is a logical link: they share a diet and a way of life sedentary, so that the animal does not get enough physical exercise.

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Here is a list of some foods you should not feed your dog:

1.- Tomatoes and potatoes: these foods contain oxalates, which poison them.

2.- Attorney: it is toxic and in quantity can damage his heart, his lungs, and because of its high fat can create digestive disorders.

3.- Salt: do not give them foods with a lot of salt, as this will prevent perspiration through the skin; it accumulates in the body, causing constant urination and thirst, tremors, depression, and fever (this is called sodium poisoning).

4.- garlic and onion: large amounts of garlic and onions can poison them and cause anemia and kidney failure.

5.- Chewing gum and jelly beans: these and other foods, such as toothpaste and food products, contain xylitol, which causes an increase in insulin, leading to severe liver damage.

6.- Macadamia nuts: it contains a toxin that affects the nervous system of our friends, causing stiffness and muscle weakness. These are the most dangerous nuts, but other nuts can also cause allergies. So we can say that it is still one of the forbidden foods for dogs.

7.- Grapes: this fruit can poison them and damage their kidneys and liver.

8.- Caffeine etc .: these energy drinks are prohibited foods for dogs, because they directly affect the nervous system of animals and can have the same effect on them as chocolate. In addition, there is no antidote.

9.- Chocolate: Chocolate contains theobromine, this substance can cause tachycardia, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety and even death.

10.- Alcohol: if the dog drinks alcohol, he or she may show symptoms such as behavioral changes, excitement, depression, breathing problems, excessive urination, and excessive urination. They can get nervous and attack things, even to hurt themselves. The only liquid recommended for your pet is water.

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