10 Best Quotes About Leonard And Penny’s Relationship

Leonard and Penny have their last relationship with The Big Bang Theory. There were two very different people when they met, but by the time the end time came, their differences were rejected to become a couple in love. Although they both have their ups and downs, they are always looking for a way to turn the clock back and prove that they can still have a long distance relationship while Leonard is at the North Pole.

The two characters have gone the extra mile in their relationship. Leonard reveals that the only woman he can think of in the entire series is Penny and Penny has put a lot of effort into getting to know more about her work so she can tell Leonard about it that she doesn’t have to simplify her anymore.

TEN Talk about their children

“Our kids will be smart and beautiful.”

The very first episode takes place when Leonard meets and tries to date Penny, which immediately shows that he is in love with her. At the end of the episode, Sheldon points out that Leonard hadn’t finished Penny before Leonard announced that their kids would be smart and beautiful.

Not only did this quote excite fans about the different ways Leonard would try and date Penny, but it also brought out the best features of the two characters in a bit of a shadow of who the perfect couple is. .

9 a big man

“Leonard, you are very good. Why can’t all men be like you? ”

Season 1 Episode 6, “The Paradigm of Middle-earth,” is one of Leonard and Penny’s most important episodes, because it’s time they both show real care. After Penny’s ex-boyfriend Kurt bullies Leonard and Sheldon against her. The Halloween party Penny felt sad and went to Leonard’s apartment to apologize where she assured him that he was a good person and not just an idiot.

As the two talk on the couch, Penny tells Leonard that she thinks he’s a good person. Despite Leonard’s characteristics of being a smaller, more nerdy guy than the guy he had dated before, even before they both dated there were already seeds of the two being highly regarded.

8 The hard truth

“We? No, no, no, you’ve had a chance to be ‘us’ for about a year and a half now. Right now you’re gone, and you’re crazy!”

Sometimes Penny and Leonard can make a good couple, even if they don’t date. In episode 16 of season 2, “The Cushion Saturation”. Penny mistakenly left a paint stain on Sheldon’s pillow and asked Leonard for help. However, he said it was ridiculous but also serious that Penny got into this mess and escaped that they were no longer a couple.

It shows how much Leonard grew as a character during his relationship with Penny. At first, Leonard reportedly jumped at the chance to help Penny but Penny gave Leonard more self-confidence to the point that he slapped her in the face that she no longer wanted to date him.

SEVEN Penny didn’t think of anything else

“I miss you so much. I can’t think of anything else without you. “

Leonard and the gang return home from their expedition to the North Pole at the start of Season 3, and he goes to talk to Penny almost immediately. When he opened the door, he kissed her and said he hadn’t thought about anything else the whole time.

This quote definitely emphasizes Leonard’s impression of Penny and the strength of their feelings for each other even though Leonard is thousands of miles away. He told fans that Penny and Leonard could really have a long-distance relationship when that comes.

6 Penny is not located

“I don’t understand Leonard.”

Sometimes Leonard and Penny’s relationship is unreasonable, but simple actions can dissuade the opponent. In Season 3 Episode 9, “The Vengeance Formulation,” Howard commented that just because Penny is already settled doesn’t mean she has to. Penny immediately came back and said she just couldn’t settle Leonard.

Leonard is not the typical guy Penny dates with her old girlfriends who are big and healthy. However, Penny has once again proved that dating Leonard is not just to please her parents or be with someone who is smart and because she loves him.

5 Unconditional love

“You are my friend. Nothing is foolish for me. ”

One of the funniest moments in the series is when the gang fights over ownership of One Ring of The Lord of the rings. Leonard admits that the whole competition seemed silly but Penny assured him that he never saw it.

This quote from Penny reinforces Penny’s unconditional love for Leonard, no matter what she loves. Penny knew how passionate Leonard was about movies and comics and fully understood in that moment why he was holding the ring.

4 efforts

“I just want to know enough to tell Leonard about his work.”

When Bernadette first joined the group, she and Leonard hit it off platonically and could discuss their work together. As a result, Penny went to Sheldon to teach him physics so he could also tell Leonard about his work.

She may have been stereotyped as the least intelligent scientist member of the group, but there were times when Penny proved to be the most intelligent in The The Big Bang Theory, such as learning more about physics. He made a huge effort here to keep up and get Leonard involved in a conversation about physics. Not only did he tolerate Sheldon’s many hours of conversation, but he also wanted to give Leonard a chance to talk to him intellectually where he could understand what it was saying.

3 Leonard thought nothing else

“I wish I had Penny.”

While Sheldon was helping Penny with a broken shoulder, Leonard, Howard, and Raj accidentally threw themselves into the desert and took time to look at the stars. Leonard soon said he wished Penny was there.

Despite her minimal clarity of mind, the only person she can think of right now is Penny. Watching the star can be a romantic pastime and she obviously wants to share it with him.

2 Leonard’s perfect wife

“Oh my God. I’m in bed with a beautiful woman who can quote Yoda. “

In Season 3 Episode 19, “The Wheaton Recurrence,” Penny quotes Yoda in bed saying “do or don’t, no trying” and despite recognizing that the quote is from The empire returned shows a big change in Penny from Season 1 when before she couldn’t tell the difference between star wars and star trek.

In that moment, Leonard realizes that he finds his perfect wife beautiful and loves him but can also quote something from one of his favorite franchises of all time. It was a simple but extremely sweet and good time exchanged between Leonard and Penny.

1 have the same character

“Sheldon tried to take the ring and I hit him.” Https://CNET.com/ “That’s my girl.”

follow The Lord of the rings argument, Leonard took the ring and put it on the bed. During the night, Sheldon comes out and tries to take it away from him, but not before Penny punches him in the face because he was mistaken for an assailant.

When Penny explained what she had done to Leonard, she replied “that’s my son”. What’s nice about it is Leonard’s full acceptance of Penny’s actions even though he just punched Sheldon in the face. Also, the fact that Penny beat Sheldon just to protect the ring speaks volumes about their same priorities.

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