Vincent is still in a relationship with Marie-Jeanne? This shot goes unnoticed

If you are a fan of Love is in the pasture, you have to remember Vincent and Marie-Jeanne. In fact, the farmer and the fighter get along very well on the farm, but their love story is not always clear. In any case, they deeply touched the audience. Lovers spend their time. Gradually, they progressed slowly, but surely. We are glad we discovered a photo on their account Instagram The mood seemed to show on their faces … Which means they still are? In any case, Internet users have noticed that the consensus still exists.

Love is in the pasture : what will happen to Vincent and Marie-Jeanne?

As a reminder, Vincent and Marie-Jeanne are one of season 16’s favorite duos Love is in the pasture. And if the couple moves the audience, it won’t be forgotten. So, we’re happy to give you a little bit of their news. Especially since their romantic relationship is far from a conclusion. Actually, in Karine Le Marchand’s program, no story is the same. Some candidates fall in love, some build a relationship slowly, and some get the wrong suitors. There are no rules of love and human adventures!

For Vincent and Marie-Jeanne at Love is in the pasture, the friendly get -together is always good, but a little less loving … We have to give time to do his work for the two protagonists …

A touching encounter with Love is in the pasture

During the adventure of Love is in the pasture, Vincent decides to welcome Stéphanie and Marie-Jeanne to his farm. At first, he seemed attracted to the first contender, but he quickly realized that they were never the same as the 48-year-old dog-sitter. So she still has her second suitor, the touching Marie-Jeanne. The latter because it is reserved and does not want to burn. However, one thing is for sure, due to some photos published on instagram, the two lovers haven’t left each other since the show. They’re not social media pros, but every now and then they make posts like what happened in April. In fact, the duo blew out their first candle of love and they were thrilled to broadcast it on the Web.

At age 50, you can still believe in love!

Recently, the 51 and 56-year-old lovebirds posted a new photo on Instagram where they are not alone. Both candidates in Love is in the pasture with two women. This is what we read in the caption: Hello everyone. Vincent and I went this weekend to buy a picodon at the Cavet in Dieulefit. We took a photo with 2 people working there and wanted to thank everyone. Thank you for their kindness and their warm welcome. Plus, we always have fun! Good day and see you soon. Kisses“.

A snapshot that proves he enjoys life, that they are still the accomplice and most of all they are still in a relationship! A news that made the fans happy Love is in the pasture. In fact, it offers hope for more than just a bachelor. In addition, positive comments did not take long to arrive. This is what we read in response to their post: “Nice to see you happy“,” Kisses you two. Glad to see you smiling. Big kisses from Alsace “,“ Nice to see you both again ” and Happiness belongs to you, you are good! »

Is there any news from season 17?

As a reminder, the photos were released in February. Then it’s the mail stage. Now the teams on Love is in the pasture have to film. In general, speed dating is broadcast on the channel M6 at the end of the summer season, towards the beginning of the school year. Actually, a good thing to cheer us up after the summer holidays. We can’t wait to discover the adventures of 13 farmers, nine boys and four girls, especially since the cast is so good!

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