“My love for trains like no other came from my youth”

The globetrotter will begin the twelfth season of its collection of documentaries this Thursday, July 7 at 9pm in France 5.

Guatemala is a small country, but a good trip“, Philippe Gougler told us in the unpublished” Trains like no other “aired on France 5 tonight. In addition to criss-crossing this country with Central America, the journalist took advantage of this season 12 to also visit Italy, the Dominican Republic, Siberia, Greece, Mexico and Norway.

TV MAGAZINE. – How do you find “Trains like no other” after eleven seasons?

Philippe GOUGLER. – We have evolved a lot on this subject than before, we go to countries that we are sure have many trains. We really started in India. Over time, we realized that there are countries, especially South America, where there are few trains but where an old abandoned train network remains. There is an overflowing imagination of the inhabitants who use these lost means for their benefit with all sorts of extremely unique devices. As a result, especially there we find nuggets, real trains like no other.

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The first destination this season is not common because in Guatemala, there are railways but no more trains …

It is true that we chose a country where there are not many trains but where there are. People are looking forward to it. We did a test train, it went through town, everyone was clapping, taking pictures, watching. In short, the train is expected like the messiah. There were people living on the side of the railroad and were excited to see them pass by. We told ourselves they didn’t realize it was going to be a little noisy. That’s why it’s a strange country because there are railroads, there’s a real taste of the train, there’s really no one circulating but there are a few, so it’s unique in the world.

“The train is starting again especially for ecological reasons”

Philippe Gougler

What do you remember about this trip?

This kind of popular motivation is right for the revival of the railroad. Plus, it’s something we see in many parts of the world. The train started again especially for ecological reasons. In this country, it is even more sensitive because it is considered a national treasure. They keep a lot of old trains. In Guatemala City, there are many of them at a train station that are often scrapped or sold, but they have been there for many years. They keep it as part of their heritage.

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Where does this love for trains come from like no other?

It came from my adolescence. I live in a small village in Franche-Comté and I board the train very early in the morning. It’s not always hot in these regions, so I’m in the cold, there’s always fog. And when the train arrived, there were two big white lights showing up at night, from a distance. I climbed up, warm, I saw familiar faces, I sat almost in the same place, beautiful. I have fond memories of the train, this pretty special place where you feel good, you have a little time, you see faces you can talk to, or not. It was a little space of comfort and freedom and I kept that in my head. So not everything is like that now, but maybe that’s what gives me the love of the train. When we were teenagers, we dreamed of unbelievable things. I was crossing a bridge, not far from my village, and there was a long straight line of railroads that would go on forever and I wondered what was in the end. It was a dream place too. Then the train is a great way to move someone. Especially since we meet people there that we wouldn’t meet anywhere else. For me, this is the best way to travel.

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