Karlovy Vary Film Festival: Czech film “Borders of Love” examines the limits of monogamy

“Borders of Love”, starring Hana Vagnerová and Matyáš Řezníček in the lead roles, is the feature debut of Polish-born Czech director Tomasz Wiński, 43. Presented as a world premiere before the theatrical release this next November, her film aroused great impatience from festival attendees and the media, because of its subject matter: it shows Hana and Petr, who are thinking about the limits of freedom in their lives as a couple . They decide to realize their erotic fantasies and secret desires, and seek beyond traditional codes.

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Talking about the film and, more often, the Karlovy Vary Festival, we met Laurent Danielou from the Parisian company Loco Films, who manages the international sales of “Borders of Love”:

“On the one hand this film is a festival event, on the other hand it is a huge interest of distributors. We have seen that when a film speaks to an international audience, it doesn’t matter if it is shot. in English, French or Czech, the subject gives it this value. »

Is that why you think “Borders of Love” has a chance to be released in France?

'Boundaries of love'

“Yes. The premiere was on Monday and we already have six distributors signed. It’s the kind of film whose subject matter interests everyone and that can, precisely, cross the language barrier. It’s a quality film that doesn’t. art-house or entirely commercial: more so why it was chosen by the competition in Karlovy Vary. »

As a spectator, did you enjoy it?

“Of course, that’s what I took. We were offered a lot of movies. Our company has two selection criteria: the films have to please us and, most of all, they are likely to find distributors. Because the movie theater market is tough. The Karlovy Vary Festival, where the halls are full, is an exception. But in general, audiences, with the exception of young audiences, have never returned to theaters after the pandemic. »

Do you have an explanation?

“Probably for two reasons. People are still a bit cautious. But most of all, the old art-house listeners have learned to use the new way and to watch movies online. He no longer sees many points of watching a movie in theaters with the same technical qualities, because during the pandemic, everyone equipped themselves with cheap but very efficient technical devices. Here at the festival, Borders of Love screenings went on sale a couple of weeks early. I hope it will be the same whether the film is released in Czech theaters in November or later in French theaters. But the situation remains complicated, especially with the rise of Covid cases and the recent closure of vision theaters. »

'Boundaries of Love' |  Photo: Film Service Festival Karlovy Vary

Coming back to “Borders of Love”, what caught your attention the most? The scenario, the subject and the way it is treated or the performances of the actors?

“All at once. The film is divided into three parts. First, we follow the ordinary couple. They are beautiful, young and all good. In the second part, they reflect on the swing, which is experienced in their friends. Quick, loud and funny, they act. In the end, it turns out that one of the two never really appreciated this way of life, while the other really liked it. This plot is the richness of the film , I think. »

Can you also present the second film you presented at the festival?

“The Brazilian film Tinnitus is part of the Proxima competitive section. It’s an arthouse film, where we follow a professional swimmer. He suffers from Tinnitus, which stings in the ears. This film is very beautiful. , atmosphere, atmosphere. »

'Tinnitus' |  Photo: Film Service Festival Karlovy Vary

Did you also enjoy the festival as a spectator?

“No, I work… I work with delegations on two films, Czech and Brazilian. Many of us are online, because there are no distributors in Karlovy Vary. From Los Angeles or Tokyo, they read the press and so we tried to see the movies. We told them about receiving the film in Karlovy Vary. I always come to this festival which I love so much. Nice to see lots of people, lots of young film enthusiasts, full houses… It’s a festival with energy and an open choice. Not dark, just art-and-test. For example, choosing ‘Borders of Love’ in the official competition was a bit daunting. This is not a sharp film. In Karlovy Vary, we present good cinema, commercial or author, which makes this festival rich. Finally, what matters to us is the presence of the international press: all the major newspapers are there, Variety, the British Screen newspaper, and so on. If the film is good, it will be noticed immediately. »

What would be the French title of “Borders en Love”, you know?

“No, the French distributor will choose it. Probably, it’s not ‘The Frontiers of Love’. It seems slow, in French. »

Among the other films in the competition are another Czech film, “Slovo” by director Beata Parkanová, as well as the Franco-Lithuanian drama “Vesper” by Kristina Buožytė and Bruno Samper or the feature film “America” by Israeli director. Ofir Raul Graizer.

The Crystal Globes for the best films will be distributed on Saturday night.

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