He heard a rumor about a dog crying in the mountains at night, climbed up and made a discovery like no other.

Trinity Smith read an article about the mysterious barking of Mount Bross. She was worried that a dog needed help. Also, the mountain is close to his house. So he set out to find the source of the beetle.

“I was lying in bed on Wednesday browsing photos and saw a message from someone who heard a dog barking on my way home to Mount Bross. “said Smith.

» Some of the comments in this post come from hikers who are very worried that there might be a dog in distress trapped there, but most of the comments come from people who say it’s a coyote.

The hiker saw the lost dog in the mountains

The next day he was hiking, thinking he could confirm whether the dog or coyote was the origin of the beetle.

He reached the place the hiker mentioned and heard nothing. He tried to call the dog and there was no answer for an hour. It was getting dark, so he decided to stop.

Photo Credit: Trinity Smith

“It was then that I finally heard the first beetle. I then jumped down the trail and went straight into a ravine and went straight up some cliffs to the top. The dog was already starting to bark a lot by then, so I was screaming and yelling trying to pinpoint the exact location where he was, “ Smith said.

However, it is dark and dangerous to try to climb the rocks alone. So he hurried to his car and called for help from the group. Immediately, he received a response from another animal lover. Together they searched the place but heard nothing.

But Smith knew the dog was there. So he returned the next day with his girlfriend, Sean, and the hiker from the previous day.

We spent about four hours yelling at this dog, which hadn’t made a sound since I was alone there upstairs last night. It started to snow so we lost hope and then the dog knew again that we were leaving and released his first skin. said Smith.

I was looking for Chloe

Photo Credit: Trinity Smith

They found a hungry dog ​​trapped in a rocky outcrop. Usually, he weighed 40 kg but weighed only 11 at the time. But the dog, named Chloe, is fighting to survive. Smith gave him water and food and took him to town to find the owners.

I can’t believe he has enough strength to wag his tail. But he was very happy. He knew he was safe now. He knew he was coming home. ” Smith said.

Chloe is a 14-year-old pit bull and Labrador mix who got lost in Mount Bross from her home in Alma, Colorado. Its owners, Larry Osborne and his wife Anouk Patel, enlisted the help of 300 residents of the small town. However, after five weeks of searching, people stopped looking for Chloe.

» I told our son the dog was dead, “ said Osborne . “I mean, how can someone endure that?” »

A few days after the memorial, that was when Smith heard about the mysterious mountain skin. Patel explains that Chloe hates leashes and loves to hike the mountain behind their house.

Photo Credit: Trinity Smith

“It’s literally in the back of my house, he said. ” For example, I look out the window every morning and I can see Mount Bross. But he always comes back before nightfall. Without fail, he went home for his dinner. That is, until that night he got stuck in the parachute and never came back.

“Absolutely unbelievable”

Now, Chloe is well and she has a lifelong friend Smith, who lives nearby.

“The owners are forever grateful. They’ve become neighbors we’ve never met. So I can meet Chloe whenever I want. said Smith.

» He was gone for exactly six weeks to the day, ” Patel said. “It was a miracle. This is the craziest story I have ever heard. This is the perfectly happy ending to what can be a sad thing.

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