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Grade 3s were working this Friday on college patent relief subjects because the texts previously planned “leaked”. National Education will file a complaint. Here are the main elements of this case, with some introductions.

What do we know about the case?

According to rue de Grenelle, the leak was spotted through “photos of subjects surrounding WhatsApp (messaging)” Thursday “at the end of the afternoon”. The information quickly returned to the ministry which, in the face of a “proven leak”, prompted the emergency approach.

Emergency subjects (prepared for each exam if there is a problem) should therefore be printed in examination centers for the 850,000 middle school students taking history-geography-moral and civic education and scientific tests.

A leak was also noticed for the mathematics subject whose test took place on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. It was geographically limited and happened less than half an hour before the event began, according to the ministry.

It was decided to use subject B in less than half a dozen examination centers suspected to be affected by the leak. In the areas concerned, additional care for follow-up correction is also necessary for students composing subject A.

The ministry announced it had filed a complaint on Friday morning “against X for theft of a residential area or an area used or intended for warehouse”. This complaint focuses on leaks in history — geography, science and mathematics. Rue de Grenelle will also launch an internal administrative investigation.

In addition, the ministry mentioned another problem that arose on Thursday. “The emergency protocol does not provide for translation into the regional language or Braille”, meaning that students who take these specific tests work on the topic of history and geography that was originally planned, one that leak.

What introductions?

This year, the Ministry of Education has been forced to use fallback subjects for the general French baccalaureate due to an error in an examination center where the first planned subjects were distributed in the area of ​​philosophy.

The use of backup subjects can occur for various reasons (leakage or presumption of flight, bad statement, envelope opened incorrectly before the test …). “Patent leaks remain unique because they are not the same baccalaureate issue. There is little attempt at fraud,” explains Jérôme Fournier, from SE-What.

What penalties will occur?

Disclosure of a subject before trial is punishable by a law of 1901 which provides for “imprisonment for three years and a fine of 9,000 euros, or any of these penalties alone”.

In 2019, a judicial question was opened after leaks about baccalaureate math tests relayed in a private WhatsApp message or via SMS. Four people have been charged.

In 2011, the Bac S math exercise leaked to the Internet. In 2018, four young people were sentenced to three and four months in prison suspended for “fraud” in this case.

Comfort topics: how does it work?

Brevet or baccalaureate, the emergency subjects, national, are prepared in case of incident, annually in all subjects, and it is advanced. Subjects follow a circuit with draconian guarantees to ensure their confidentiality.

The design of the subjects was distributed to different academies one year before the exam. A pilot academy is appointed through the discipline to prepare the subjects. This is done by commissions that bring together inspectors and professors of the discipline. The composition and work of these commissions are highly confidential.

The pilot academy will then send it to all the other academies and the subjects are printed in each rectorate, placed in sealed envelopes and distributed a few days before the exam to the establishments where they are kept in a safe.

If there is an alert of a risk of leakage, the pilot academy concerned distributes subject B to all academies, via a secure digital system. Due to delays, the subject was printed at each examination center on the heads of the establishments.

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