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Last year, 113 women lost their lives due to the beating of their spouse or ex-spouse (source). They will be 37 by 2022. And 200,000 suffer the violence of their peers each year.

An intolerable situation that has tried to fight public authorities: increasing accommodation areas, “serious danger” phones, anti-reconciliation bracelets, developing a culture of equality (especially through in education), victim support, and so on.

On the other hand, there is one topic that we have said very little about and yet is important when it comes to self-rebuilding: the lack of management of psychological, emotional and physical consequences.

The last pandemic raises the problem of considering the realities of a high covid, Why not take this knowledge to understand the contradictions and differences in our society?

A subject that Aline Peugeot is well aware of: she herself suffered from an injury to a facial nerve and multiple bone traumas, sprains and distortions on the left side of her face, left even more so the accompanying pain, because of the violence he had suffered. . However, Social Security refuses to spend on care, because it is only an “aesthetic” problem …

And it is to raise awareness of the importance of paying for medical repairs as well as managing the various needs for reconstruction, psychological and physical, that Aline Peugeot, among other reasons, created the association that bears his name.

Aline Peugeot association committed to improving medical treatment of violence

It is not enough to remove or even condemn an ​​aggressor for everyone to act for the victim.

In addition to traumatic lesions (fractures, hematomas, etc.) and the risk of psychological pathologies (eg depression), the WHO considers that female victims of violence are more likely to exhibit certain characteristics: suicide attempt, chronic pain, psychosomatic disorders, gastrointestinal tract. diseases, irritable bowel syndrome

The Aline Peugeot association, which aims to be an internationally established foundation, was therefore created to improve the status of women.

“We want to change psychological, emotional and physical care in the aftermath of dramas like domestic violence or rape, along with public bodies, communities and the State.»

This lack of care for the consequences of violence suffered by women is part of the more general context of poor care of women through the health system:-Denial of needs (is in the head )

– protocols are made on male symptoms (eg type of myocardial infarction) idem pharmacological research.

-poorer care of women through the system (see American and Swedish studies, which show that thousands of women’s lives are sacrificed)

Conclusion: the specific violence of some is the emission of a worldwide social violence to the female half of it.

Aline Peugeot challenged the ministers responsible for these issues (Health and Equality between women and men) and undertook an emblematic project: Social Security will reimburse the costs associated with medical reparations after the violence suffered.

Through its solidarity and social association, it will benefit from subsidies that will allow it to intensify its action, without relying on the generosity of individuals.

Reconnecting to a fulfilling life after experiencing domestic violence

Abandoned by her biological mother at age 2 and then adopted into a family where concern for “good education” precedes love and well-being, Aline Peugeot was an abused, misunderstood and humiliated child. Growing up, he tried to control his suffering, to the point of denying himself.

Amidst the painful experiences and questions that existed, he became a shadow of himself and in adulthood, everything was accelerated until it became severe.

So Aline knows the hell of alcoholism, street life, prostitution, domestic violence, and even suicide attempts….

A self -destructive madness that will end at the dawn of his 50s, when he gets the necessary understanding, acceptance and maturity. to analyze his way of life.

And now, no longer content to live: it is perfectly fulfilled in peace. In the name of unconditional love, Aline Peugeot knows how to turn her failures into successes and her losses into victories. He undertakes a spiritual search and an act of psychological self-reconstruction that finally frees him and allows him. overcoming trials.

Concrete tools to rebuild and sustain

Because she was able to draw a new life for herself, thanks to knowing the harms of domestic violence, Aline accompanied those who had gone through similar experiences.

It offers especially:

• Workshops so that everyone can find personal satisfaction regardless of the difficulties or trauma experienced

• The double CD “Reviviscence” to democratize meditative hypnosis (produced with successful composer Didier Orieux). The idea is to open the doors to a renewed state of consciousness that allows for exploration, repair, after rebuilding, while reconnecting everyone to their deepest selves.

Photo by Aline Peugeot

Aline Peugeot isauthor books:

• “From Turmoil to Spiritual Awakening” (Exergue editions), an autobiographical story and personal development guide are recommended by professionals (psychologists, people working with young people with difficulty, alternative medicine specialists).

• “From the back of the classroom to the front of the stage – The fulfillment of a dunce”, a book that reveals the limitations of a traditional school system and restores hope to the rest.

Great -grandson of industrialist Henri Peugeot, Aline too Tedx speaker and certified personal development trainer. He travels the world to pass on the keys of his rebirth, convinced that by restoring man to himself we can hope for a peaceful people. He encouraged everyone to realize themselves in their own way by coming out of the limited condition of almost putting the rope around their neck.

Aline conducts training where participants free themselves from their limited beliefs and realize their strengths and values ​​to succeed in their lives. Later, through scientifically developed and recognized experiments, each person present discovered their own emotional, mental and intellectual way of acting while knowing their fellow man, thus creating a harmonious relationships and attentive listening.

His strength? It was an inspiring experience, which inspired him true statements, without pretense or taboos. He dares to show his name and claim his past. Today, Aline regularly speaks to the media on themes encountered during her career.

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