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The film opens this Friday.

A scene from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder – Walt Disney Pictures Canada

We recently had the opportunity to attend the virtual press conference for the next chapter of God’s adventures in Asgard, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Most of the lead actors, director Taika Waititi and producer Kevin Feige were there.

We have listed for you five interesting anecdotes about the filming of this mega-production in Hollywood.

  • Natalie Portman has been training for at least 10 months to play this new female incarnation of the god Thor. During the screening, she would get up every morning at 4:30 a.m. to go to the gym. His co-stars also praised his perfection at a press conference.

    You are all so beautiful, he replied, ” but I’m even more grateful that we put a five-foot-three actress in a six-foot role. I think it takes it to another level and it’s probably not something I can do in my career. “Said the main interested party.

A scene from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder – Walt Disney Pictures Canada

  • Being Taika Waititi’s director is a special experience for all the actors in the film. ” [Le tournage avec Taika], it is an adventure of self -discovery, exploration, fun and madness. There was always music playing on the set, and he was standing behind the camera laughing and ruining the crowd. “said Chris Hemsworth.

    He added: “ It’s amazing. It’s a form of free filmmaking with a lot of improvisation and unparalleled love. […] There is an infectious enthusiasm in everyone, and he loves it. She loves these stories. She loves these characters. He sits there like a fan telling you what he wants to see, what a family wants to see. “Try it or try that”, no matter how ridiculous it is. »

A scene from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder – Walt Disney Pictures Canada

  • The Thor: Love and Thunder team was shot using Volume technology. ” “Volume” is a large circular wall of LED screens. Imagine a large, tall U-shaped TV. And, basically, you set the surroundings on the screen. It replaces the green screen “, Explained the director.

    That was beautiful [de travailler avec cette technologie] “said Chris Hemsworth.” It’s like you’re interacting around. Much of what we do in those films is done on the green screen or blue screen; we didn’t know what we were shooting until we saw the movie. What I found cool was that the skin color and skin tones changed due to the sunset you were watching or anything in that environment. More immersive. »

    Learn more about this technology in this video:

  • Making Christian Bale Gorr is no small task. Three special effects makeup artists change the actor for 4 hours every morning and remove his makeup every night for 1 hour 30 minutes. They are responsible for Sir Gorr’s form like me “, introduced the actor.

A scene from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder – Walt Disney Pictures Canada

  • Taika Waititi talks about the aesthetics of the film in a very colorful way. “ We wanted this explosive, vibrant and colorful palette, that kind of mirror, canned painted vans of the 80s and rock album covers. And, the treatment of the title, it’s the kind of thing I would draw in my school textbook in class if I wasn’t listening.. »

Thor: Love and Thunder Logo – Walt Disney Pictures Canada

The movie Thor: Love and Thunder will premiere this Friday, July 8 in North America. Check out the latest trailer below the article.

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