Combatative, imaginative: parents and teachers in Val-de-Marne want to “save the public school from drowning”

Buoys. Buoys that seem to rain on the small streets of the most chic 7e district of Paris. Buoys of all colors, of all materials – many are cut out of cardboard. Paris beaches? Gone, even if the sun sets as fast as Ibiza on Wednesday June 15th.

Ibiza, did you say Ibiza? We were on fire, because we were at the gates of the Ministry of National Education, and we remembered that the last resident of the area, Jean-Michel Blanquer, preferred the beaches of the Spanish island rather than making a real protocol to protect schools. from Covid… Quick, one last clue: on some buoys there are written slogans: “Not to drown in my school”, “Ahoy Kapitan, Abandoned School”The fire

Under the buoys, not on the beach, but parents of students, teachers, AESH (fellow students with disabilities) from Val-de-Marne, who came to sound the alarm like shouting in their anger: their schools “under water”. They asked an audience of the new minister, Pap Ndiaye, and were received as a joint delegation from 3:30 p.m., to request and “Emergency plan” for department schools. They come as neighbors, but their anger comes from far away. He left in January from the schools of Villejuif (whose PCF mayor, Pierre Garzon, came to show his support, along with Senator Laurence Cohen), Vitry, Cachan, Arcueil …, with or sometimes without the implication of FCPE (first federation of parents of students). Many actions have taken place: marches, school work-in Villejuif only, the collective has been counting… 70 since May 22. In Vitry, says Vanessa, a young mother of a student, the first work, which is not more peaceful, has the “privilege” of a national police evacuation. So, to be heard, the parents joined forces with the Parents du 94 collective, initiator of today’s mobilization.

After five years of authoritarianism, anxiety is high

Emmanuel Macron reiterates this: what he is interested in is construction “the school of the future”. Val-de-Marne’s parents want to tell him that, if this “school of the future” is in the image of what the school has done today, after five years of authoritarian and brutal enforcement of his policy of Jean -Michel Blanquer, has reason to be concerned for the future of our country and its children. This is what they came to tell Pap Ndiaye, Amandine explained, from the collective: “We want actions, not words; that teachers, AESH recruited in sufficient numbers and received appropriate training. We are also hoping for an awareness of the new minister: behind the numbers, there are lives and we, parents, children, we can no longer accept the flow of things. »

Let’s start with the numbers, then. The situation in Val-de-Marne is no different, in its mechanisms, from what we know elsewhere: it is even more serious. In high schools and colleges, according to the collective (which also launched an online petition), “Many classes (…) will close, prompting numbers of more than 26 per class, which could even reach more than 30 students, at popular colleges”, including colleges classified as REP (priority education). how many in total? 34 elimination of divisions (classes) is planned. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Less visible, but with consequences for schooling and the future of students, especially those already in difficulty and / or discouraged during the Covid period, is that suppression, under financial restraint, is a major about devices that enhance ordinary schooling. : special half group support, split science classes, language course with reduced number, etc.

163 class closures are scheduled for the start of the school year

Basically, the situation is almost bad. Magalie Trarieux, from Snuipp-FSU (the school’s first teachers ’union), confirms this: “With 1,079 recruitments planned for the competition this year, we are only at 48% of the qualified candidates. » That’s 521. As there are fewer candidates to be sure, it’s a mathematical one: “There are at least 558 unfilled positions starting next year in the department.» The union requested that a unique competition be organized, at bac + 3, with two years of training at stake, “Because we no longer want the hasty recruitment of contract workers on fixed-term contracts”, added the young woman. 163 class closures are also scheduled for the start of the school year, and the problem of not replacing absent teachers comes in many proportions: “Every day at school, in the department, there are a hundred unreported absences. »

Lives are turned upside down, swept away, despised

Vanessa is well aware of the problem: her son, in CE1, lost one of his two teachers, who resigned. Result: “Two weeks at school, and two weeks at home. My husband has to stop working to take care of the kids, if not, what should I do? Students still in school are divided among other teachers, more than 40 per class. » Behind the numbers, lives. Always angry, rubbed, despised. Like Nouara, a special education teacher, who also had to stop working for six months: “My daughter entered the small section this year. Very quickly, we realized she had an adjustment problem. A file with the MDPH (departmental center for the disabled) was compiled in February, but we still have no response. . » Result: the little boy finds his school hours reduced to two and a half days per week, and his mother has to stay with him: “Inclusive school isn’t real, it’s out of the way. In the meantime, it’s getting complicated for everyone, and school team relationships are getting worse …”

Here is the “reality of school”. It is the name chosen by a group of teachers from a college in Villejuif, who wrote and put the music to a song, performed by the students, which illustrates this fact and has already produced nearly 5,000 hits. watch their YouTube channel. The combative, imaginative, parents and teachers from Val-de-Marne want answers, solutions, so that the suffering caused by coldly responsible decisions will end. No “school of the future” is worthy of the name if their demands are not heard.

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