“The Minions 2”, a declaration of love in the 70s

CINEMA – Minion 2 tells you about a time unknown to people under 50. A time that Jaws Playing in all the cinemas, the hip bell-bottoms and the nightclubs full of disco.

This second episode, screened in theaters since Wednesday July 6, follows the first film Minions, released in 2015. But don’t be fooled by this chronology, as this second opus is actually more of a leap back, and a dive into the heart of the 70s.

The cartoon serves to return to basics, and continues the story of the saga from left. Gru (Gad Elmaleh) is only 12 years old, and a little suburbanite who dreams of becoming the Master of Evil. We discover his encounter with the little yellow characters, with the professor, the development of his first weapons, and his first Machiavellian plans … Gru takes the example of his idols: the Vicious 6 , a group of very famous villains with disco superstar looks. He dreams of joining the clan, and will do everything to get there.

The title of the film may announce a zoom of Minions, but the boy is finally at the center of the story. And if the film’s director, Kyle Balda, chooses to bring back the youth of the young evil genius of the 70s, it’s no coincidence.

“I was just like Gru’s age in the film at the time,” he explains in the production notes. “This season is very close for me and even more nostalgic: television, music, cars, haircuts. Everything is pretty psychedelic,” he continued. “We want the public to understand from the first image that the film can be a real declaration of love for years ”, added the filmmaker.

Pop references throughout the film

From the poster hung at the cinema entrance to the final credits, the references to the 70s never left the course of the story. Starting with the aesthetics of the time, marked by pop and glitter colors. “It’s been a very rich time visually, that’s for sure,” Kyle Balda said.

But this season is above all a musical gold mine, offering the cartoon an even more unique soundtrack. funkytown des Lipps Inc (replaced by singer St Vincent), Instant Karma! by John Lennon, o Goodbye In Love the Carpenters, the hits of the 70s punctuate the action.

There were also cinematographic references, especially to Kung-Fu films that were all the rage at the time, and that “made it possible to create stunning action scenes”, the director explained. The Minions will definitely practice martial arts to help Gru, as you can see in the video below.

“We watched a lot of movies that made me happy at the time (…) The biggest inspiration came from the Kung-Fu comedy movies we honored, especially movies like The Chinese Master of the legendary Jackie Chan released in 1978 ”, he added.

It’s already a box office hit

True to themselves, the little characters have the same clumsiness from the 70s, and the same lack of maturity. A new member joins the gang: little Otto, nice braces and a desperate need to be pleased.

The film has been a hit at the American box office since its release on the other side of the Atlantic, during a weekend extended by national holiday celebrations. As of July 4, it already had 108.5 million admissions.

Minion 2 thus marking a very good start, even if it doesn’t exceed the first half, reaching 115.7 million admissions in the first days of 2015. Minions generated $ 1.1 billion in revenue worldwide.

As this second part of the broadcast draws to a close, the saga teams continue the service. A fourth Depicable Me already in production. Steve Carrel, who took Gru to the films, also announced that he has already started dubbing. “This is the direct continuation of the story. Gru and Lucy are married, they start a family. The next step in their universe is to watch its progress within the Anti-Villain League, for example how their children are involved in this process ”, he also revealed in Digital Spy.

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