The baccalaureate, between initiation rite and tool for democratization of studies

Although the number of those admitted this year is small, it remains higher than in 2019. Has the share of ongoing assessment contributed to the deterioration of the diploma? Don’t believe in students and teachers.

Crying, hugging, kissing: scenes of ordinary and endless joy on a day like no other. This Tuesday morning, lists posted by all high schools gave their verdict to 710,000 baccalaureate candidates. What changes is a further reduction in the number of tears and frustration.

From 60% in the 1960s, the percentage of exam success is almost non-stop on the rise in flirting now with 94% overall, 97% for the overall baccalaureate after remedial exam. A diploma overused in terms of ongoing control and vulnerability instructions given by correctors?

A logic of democratization to improve access to studies

“It’s a complicated subject. recognized Stéphane Audebeau, professor of economics and social sciences at Sète and academic secretary of the Snes-Fsu union. Today, we are in the logic of democratization to allow access to higher education for the most part. From this point of view, the evolution of the success rate is not negative. On the other hand, the continuous control component makes the value more relevant to the reputation of the establishments that create inequality. And poorly prepared tests like the grand oral effectively undermine the value of the diploma.

Evolution of the national baccalaureate success rate (after remediation).

For Sophie Gal, Montarnaud’s English teacher and SE-What secretary, “It’s wrong to say that the baccalaureate is sold or that it has a small amount. The larger part of the ongoing assessment doesn’t mean that students have no degree. The colleagues make them work seriously and it has a national framework that governs the use of continuous monitoring. “

Harmonizing notes

It is also a question of the harmony of the notes, of the inspectors distorting the work of the correctors. “This harmonization has always existed but since last year it has been a mass harmonization that has added notes to one to two points that are not interested in the copy”, criticized Stéphane Audebeau. This adds to the dictatorship of long -distance course registrations that ignore baccalaureate results, giving greater importance to the first two terms and to the booklet than ever before.

“From memory, no minister has recorded a lower success rate than his predecessor”confused Georges Fotinos, former Inspector General of National Education for whom “The simplification and the part of continuous control will go in the direction of the history of the condition to continue at least two final tests, such as the major oral and philosophical because the examination has the value of the initiation rite.”

“Continuous control doesn’t get too much flavor”

Now the search for discussion is essential to standing up. “I’ve been good and flirting well” said Corentin Palffy-Pichon, who earned a baccalaureate with options in economics and social sciences a year ago to pursue a BTS in management accounting at Nîmes. “Continuous assessment is good because it rewards work over time and doesn’t take too much flavor out of the diploma, he assured. On the other hand, it creates inequality because every establishment does not require the same precision.

“Our point is no longer, how to baccalaureate but how to work to make your baccalaureate something in your career, ended Stéphane Audebeau, for whom it remains “an important moment, a ritual, with her joys, her cries, her tears.” A way, no doubt, to bury his life as a student and move into the ruthless universe of study.

“The two -year covid left their mark”

Rémy Landry, secretary of the PO federation of parents’ councils (FCPE), was not surprised by the decline in admissions this year: “The past two years, which have been hampered by covid, have had worrying effects on the actual level of students and the acquisition of skills.

As for the diploma, he was sad “The loss of purchasing power for the baccalaureate is because companies are hiring overly qualified people and covid emphasizes the heterogeneous aspect of learning.”

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