Omnichannel customer relationships: homogenize without standardizing

The omnichannel nature of the insurance customer relationship is a complex issue. Faced with situations that are sometimes critical, rarely seen, consultants need to respond across all channels by adapting real-time to the customer’s context. Explanations.

90% satisfaction home insurance, 87% health insurance and 84% car insurance… The French and their insurance companies are almost a love story, if we look at the Observatory on customer relations insurance in cabinet Xerfi published at the beginning of the year by cabinet Xerfi. But some consumers seek customer service from their insurance company for this. Strong emotional state, need for understanding and empathy, 100% usable across all channels, many challenges. At the heart of the client’s perspective, we see the counselor’s ability to listen, listen and support. It’s a difficult mission that, according to Jonathan Maczynski, Senior Business Solutions Consultant for Nice, “ Includes anticipating and forecasting business volume across all channels to mobilize the necessary resources and skills. “.

Resource Planning: Solving the Availability/Skills Equation

A challenge for clients… An absolute need for counselors to be subjected to significant stress, a heavy mental burden, is likely to weigh on their empathy capital. ” The world of insurance needs to integrate into forecasting and planning schemes all the variables to be considered. “Said Jonathan Maczynski. Lots of simultaneous processing for chat, asynchronous processing for email or even interactions initiated via email and closed by voice channel … experienced without ever standardizing it. ” A customer requesting an advisor via chat does not have the same expectations in terms of processing times as one who interacts via email. Each channel has its own codes, its tools that need to be known, accepted and transcribed in resource planning. “. Planning is made more complex by the hybridization of organizations:” Face to face, remotely, to maximize availability and participation in teams, managers need to integrate employee preferences before editing their schedules. “.

From observation to organization

More than any business sector, players are insurance must take the criticality of a situation to adopt the correct posturesaid Jonathan Maczynski. Without the ability to analyze the various possible alternative scenarios and their effects across all channels and teams, planning is very difficult. “. To achieve this, it is a question of developing indicators that are measured to get the overall view (channel by channel, skill by skill) of processing quality.” By generalizing the quality measurement of all channels, a common “measure” that offers a 360 ° view of needs can be observed. “. It remains to translate this knowledge of the needs of clients and consultants into operational decisions. Definition of processing priorities, typical processing times by type of method, assessment of cognitive load of employees, and so on. ” These are all key elements where Nice solutions offer the overall vision to ensure that material, technical and human conditions are met in the service of a homogeneous omnichannel customer experience. Jonathan Maczynski finished.

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