Jamel Debbouze: finally the whole truth about the loss of his hand is revealed

The comedian never knew this stage in a drama. She has always put aside her disability in order to continue with a normal life. Before talking about his accident in Patrick Sébastien’s magazine, the actor has already said this on several occasions. But this time, the actor responded with a lot of emotion in his lyrics. His speech reflects the philosophy of a winner who never stops.

The accident that could change his life

Laughing and making people laugh is what Jamel Debbouze has been doing for many years now. Despite these appearances, his life was not always easy. He revealed in Patrick Sébastien’s magazine “Jeux vous aime” this accident that changed everything for him.

At fourteen, Jamel Debbouze survived a train accident that caused him to lose a friend and use his right hand. The two friends want to cross the railroad at the station to catch the bus. As they hurried, they did not see the train approaching. His young friend died this time in the accident. For his part, young Jamel lost the use of his right hand. Since that day, the Franco-Moroccan actor has lived with this difficult past.

When he learned from the doctor what he would lose for the rest of his life, Jamel never allowed himself to be defeated.

“My first instinct when the doctor told me, was to ask him to lend me one of the colored pens that were in his pocket because right away, I was practicing to start writing with my left hand. As this accident is not a topic. In the end, it doesn’t have to be a topic. Since my accident, everything I’ve experienced has been a bonus, a reprieve. “, He said.

Then he turned his experience into energy.

An unshakable will

From an early age, the actor has always maintained this courage and this beating attitude. After his accident, despite what he had to give up, he never stopped. He gets up and always goes forward. He didn’t want to point the finger at the problem. His relatives saw him living with this disability never playing the role of the victim.

After the incident, he decided to go ahead no matter what.

“Without thinking, I accepted my credit pain. I’ve been doing my rehabilitation for almost two years at a center in the 14th arrondissement, and I’ve seen people who can only express themselves through their covers. There, I felt very, very good. I am happy to be alive, I am no longer disabled ”, these sayings.

Even if the loss of use of his arm meant the failure of his childhood dream, Jamel Debbouze, never talked about it in a bitter tone. Patrick Sébastien asked him the question:

“Would you be happier if you became a footballer, your first passion? »

The comedian simply replied:

“I lost my vocation, because of my meniscus! Otherwise, I would have made an international career! »

His strength of character and his legendary optimism show the true warrior with the iron will that he is.

“I think laughter is a great remedy to approach almost any situation. He likes to say.

His life after the accident

By necessity or simply by challenge, Jamel Debbouze began to practice new activities. The first thing he did was learn to write with his other hand.

Soon after, he learns other passions and a philosophy that will take him so far in his life:

“I immediately started dancing. It’s a way of denying that I’m constrained or underestimated or that I can’t be like everyone else. It’s unthinkable. It’s inconceivable that I can’t achieve my goals, that is, to live as I intended: to make people laugh and laugh. »

But even before his accident, he made it clear that he had not stopped to achieve his goals. This mentality, instilled in his parents ’education, allowed him to overcome all the difficulties he experienced.
The unconditional love of his parents was what created the brave man he became. With emotion, he said:

“My parents have always given me that confidence. This love and this driving force are ‘you are the boss of your life’, ‘we are here’, ‘we support you’, ‘we are around you’, ‘we love you’. This love means that you don’t want them to disappoint and that if they boost you no one will slow you down. »

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