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Every year, during the summer and especially on the occasion of National Day on July 14, fireworks light up the sky. Many Frenchmen attended with their dog, claiming to be a disruptive walk at night. But few are aware of the dangers this scene represents for their animal.

Firecrackers, with their sudden and violent explosion, are considered a danger to animals. This causes panic and can cause the animal to run away, which can be lost or injured! As the July 14 celebrations approach, I-CAD reminds you of the good practices that should be done to limit risks, starting with updating its contact details in the I-CAD National File to make it quick and easy. to be contacted if there is a loss, evacuation. or entering the pound of his beast.

Visual and sound effects

The whole effect of the show lives on in the beauty created by the lights whose sound and visual manifestations are intended to be stunning. If the World Health Organization recommends that adults not be exposed to sound pressure of more than 140 decibels, the sound pressure of the fireworks will exceed 150 decibels, and even reach 170 decibels!

But what about the animals?

It should be remembered that if the owner, for his part, chooses to dazzle himself by attending such a scene, it is, for his animal, a sudden moment when he is not ready and he has to take care of it. according to his own habit.

Explosions of these explosives, visual and auditory, can have detrimental consequences to the health of pets: stress, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tremors, heart problems, and more.

In addition, such a scene can also confuse them or frighten them greatly. This sadly is what will always lead them to flee, and sometimes to disappear, due to surprise and lack of reference. Each year, I-CAD sadly sees many declarations of animals lost during this time.

Is the presence of the beast justified?

It is always advised to leave the animal at home, quietly, in a protected and secluded place, to avoid any exposure to these explosions.

What good moves are available?

If the animal needs to be present, it needs to be protected and accompanied by what is about to be experienced. Don’t force him because he might think he’s right to worry. Well, let him. Nor do we have to shout and create more misunderstandings. Playing with him is probably one of the best ways to positively get him used to such a situation.
Ideally, she should be allowed to be able to isolate herself or take refuge naturally if she wants to make her feel safe. Either way, don’t force it.
In a public place, it should be kept on a leash so that it does not escape.
It is always advisable to “relax” your dog after such an event: walking will make him have fun and relieve the stress experienced.
Each animal has its own personality. The animal veterinarian can always give good advice to prepare his master to adapt his animal behavior to these situations.

Updating coordinates in National I-CAD File

It is necessary for the owner to update his contact details in the National I-CAD File and especially his e-mail address and telephone number to be contacted as quickly and easily as possible in case of loss, flying or entering the animal pound. .

Identifying an animal is only fully effective if the information related to the animal is up-to-date. Updating contact details is a simple process, performed with a few clicks on the website www.i-cad.fr, in the owner’s area.

About I-CAD

I-CAD manages the National Identification File for domestic carnivores (cats, dogs and ferrets) under the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty. The I-CAD National File is the largest database, French and European, dedicated to carnivorous animals. Free and safe, this file is consulted and updated daily by all players in the sector concerned with tracking a pet in France (veterinarians, breeders, tattoo artists, town hall, police, gendarmerie, associations and other rights holders, etc.).


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