Check out the new € 7 train ticket to travel with your dog!

The happy owners of our dog and cat friends have reason to rejoice: since the end of June, they can on the train with their pets without having to spend a large amount of money. The trip will cost them 7 € only, timely news at the start of the summer holidays! Here are the details on 7 euro train ticket for dogs and cats.

A fare of € 7 to travel by train with your dog

Since June 23, 2022, SNCF has changed the pricing rules for bringing pets on its lines. From now on, travel with your pet it only costs you € 7 on the SNCF network, no matter the size of your dog (or your cat).

How much did it cost before?

You must be wondering: can i ride public transport with my dog? Well, a few weeks ago, riding the train with your pet was expensive, especially if weight and height your companion prevents it from being carried in a carrying bag.

Sure, if your animal is weighed under six pounds and can fit a bag or basketthe ticket costs you “only»€ 7. On the other hand, when he exceeded these standard criteria, the price of his train ticket increased. You have to pay the price of a ticket half fare.

7 euros, one price for all dogs

This is the perfect summer innovation for people who want to travel by train with their four-legged friends: now taking your pet on vacation doesn’t cost you if your dog is bigger! You pay for fixed amount of 7 € for its transportation. And it is, no matter what your destination or time of your trip.

On what trains can you travel with a 7 euro ticket?

a man and his dog are waiting for a train

You can buy a ticket for € 7 to travel on the following trains:

  • TGV Inoui;
  • Intercity trains;
  • TERS .

As for Ouigo, the ticket price for the pet is reduced to 10 eurosagainst 15 euros previously.

Where can you buy a 7 euro train ticket for your dog?

You can buy your pet’s ticket online or at the station.

Why did we switch to the € 7 rate?

The end of discrimination

a man and a dog on the station platform

We remind you that in the past, SNCF charged a supplement for large and medium dogs (Labradors, Beagles, German Shepherds, etc.). But he didn’t reserve a place for them on the train! So they traveled the land, bound and bound, at the high price of a ticket half fare. This difference in treatment seems unfair, though partiality in the eyes of many owners and mistresses of pets.

With a fare, large animals are definitely not yet assigned a train seat. They have to stay on the ground under the passenger’s foot. However, their owners now pay a reasonable rate.

Savings for owners

For many years, the complaints from dissatisfied travelers gathers SNCF complaints department offices. Some passengers paid large sums to take their dog with them.

In addition, the half fare is calculated based on a measure in kilometers , and not the ticket price of the passenger, who will benefit from certain reductions depending on his status (senior, youth card, etc.). Others find themselves in pay and more for their animal than them!

Therefore, in this period of historic inflation (+ 5.8% in June 2022 in a year), this is a ticket so good for the wallet, even if we obviously want to get it. freeour partners.

do you know Only guide dogs can travel without a ticket and free of charge on trains.

The fight against summer leaving

Second consequence expected by many animal protection associationsthe reduction in ticket price should encourage owners to bring their pets with them on vacation… etc. reducing summer drop-outs,which makes thousands of people unhappy every year.

the France is European number 1 in terms of animal abandonment. In the summer of 2021, according to the SPA, 16,894 animals were collected, a record yet to be reached in our country.

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