Bagpipes will mix with hunting horns for the 25th edition of the Sange festival in Sully-sur-Loire, in September

Organizers hope for similar success for the 2022 festival to be held from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September. “We crossed the bar with a hundred volunteers,” Rodrigue Léveillé said.

The communications manager added that “the team is getting stronger every year. We are a small family, with this spirit of staying up to our standard, even when we welcome a lot of people. We can’t make 100,000 visits. ”


Pragmatic, but not without ambitions, the latter sets out, by the end of the 2021 party, target 40,000 visitors to celebrate the 25th edition.

So the volunteers are preparing a great program that will give pride to the place in Scotland by Orleans Dihun pipe band. “Make some noise!”, Rodrigue Léveillé smiled.

And for good reason. A branch of the Dihun Keltieg Celtic music cultural center in Orléans, this group will tour for three days with eight bagpipes, a snare drum, a bass drum and a tenor.


Excursions are planned in addition to the Saint-Ythier church concert. Photo archives @ Christelle Gaujard

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To stay in the field of music, traditional hunting horns will be part of the game. The association “Des trompes et vous” will perform with the International Trumpet Federation on Friday night at the church in Saint-Ythier.

Five hundred venues are planned for this opening concert which will require a reservation. “Last year, we were full ten days ago,” Rodrigue Léveillé insisted.

At the competition level, the French hunting horn championship will take place on Saturday night, in front of the castle. More than 500 ringers, divided into different categoriesexpected for various competitions over the weekend.


Hunting dogs are the main food of the festival. Photo archives @ Christelle Gaujard

This is, for many, the primary reason that drives the coming of this event. Visitors will see nearly 2,000 animals.

Hunting dogs are of course honored, especially the national breeds of the French Club of dog order. A falconer will offer a show and provide education to raise awareness about endangered raptor species.

Prestige Horses inaugurated the event last year. After making their mark, artists today will give a unique aerobatic showentirely dedicated to the feast of Blood.


The festival will host the second round of the French sports woodcutting championship, in the “precision and safety chainsaw” category. The competition will be held at the foot of the castlewhere Sully Plage is usually held.

Garage sale

What is a Sange festival without the garage sale? It will be held on Sunday morning, in the Alley of Tilleulsat Place Henri-IV and near the Relais de Sully.

Exhibitors can register until Saturday, September 8th, with 150 locations planned, depending on the footage. Note that the association Roues free 45 will display vintage cars.

School day

Children will be able to approach many animals. Photo archives @ Christelle Gaujard

Friday went into the usual, after last year’s experience. Intended for school children, this free day brings together between 350 and 400 students by 2021. This will change with, perhaps, many children.

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