14 reasons why the relationship between children and grandparents is more important than you think

Although it is not always possible to choose our family, there is no doubt that grandparents play an important role in the lives of our children. Numerous studies have shown that children with grandparents who are present and involved in their lives are not only more satisfied, but more confident and healthier.

Learn 14 reasons why your children should grow up close to their grandparents:

1. They love unconditionally


Everyone needs love and we can never run out of it with our grandparents. The love they give us is sincere and unconditional. Our grandparents will always love us no matter what happens.

2. Children are happiest when they grow up close to their grandparents.

In a study published in the journal The Gerontologist, researchers Sara Moorman and Jeffrey Stokes analyzed the relationship impact of adult grandparents and grandchildren. They found that good relationships between grandparents and grandchildren can help reduce depressive symptoms in the elderly and grandchildren.

3. They teach their grandchildren not to take life seriously.

They taught their grandchildren the importance of staying positive and not taking life seriously. They are very good at making fun of themselves. Everyone will grow old one day, and we will inevitably experience unhappy things, but we must not live in bitterness and pessimism.

4. They can make very good friends.

Grandparents are often more flexible than parents because they do not have the same responsibilities. They don’t have to be too strict because they don’t have to worry about school, grades, food, and so on. So they can be a very good source of companionship for the kids, without putting too much pressure on them.

5. Grandparents Teach Valuable and Wonderful Life Lessons

Seniors pass on their heritage and what they have learned in life by sharing life lessons they have learned over time. With age comes wisdom and experience.

By passing on all their knowledge and the lessons they have learned in their lives, grandparents can help make their grandchildren better prepared for the life that awaits them.

6. Grandparents are very helpful to their grandchildren.

If a child argues with his or her parents, his or her grandparents can serve as an outlet. Kids are good at complaining, but listening to a grandparent can make a real difference. In general, children listen more to the advice of their grandparents than to the advice of their own parents. The elders can provide support and counsel that they will actually follow.

7. They lead by example

They will teach their grandchildren the importance of having values ​​and principles and following them. Even if their advice is sometimes a bit outdated, they can be good teachers. You also don’t have to doubt their words, because they always do the things they preach.

8. They are a great source of comfort and strength.

The world around us is constantly changing. But grandparents are our boss. When a child’s parents divorce or experience a significant event, they can always trust their elders who are always there to support them, no matter what.

9. The relationship is beneficial for both parties


Children become as happy to have grandparents in their lives as grandparents are happy to have grandchildren in their lives. This relationship benefits grandchildren and grandparents.

Studies have shown that children with grandparents involved in their upbringing feel better about themselves than children without. In addition, grandparents who cared for their grandchildren had a longer life expectancy than those who did not or were excluded.

10. Their grandchildren also taught them certain things

Children can teach new things to their grandparents, although logically, it’s the opposite. This is another way to strengthen their relationship. For example, they can teach them how to use new technologies or how to use the Internet. Grandparents aren’t afraid to know if they don’t know.

11. They make sure their grandchildren don’t run out

Grandparents would bend over backwards to meet all of our needs, preparing our favorite meals and desserts. They would reach the moon for us if needed.

12. They connect us to our past

For most of us, grandparents are an important link in our family history, because they help us get to know each other better by sharing stories about our ancestors and their lives. Thanks to them, we feel like we know our ancestors better.

13. Grandparents know how to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives.

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According to a survey conducted by the AGA, 72% of grandparents “believe that being a grandparent is the most important and satisfying thing in their lives”, that’s almost 3 out of 4! They love to be involved in everything their grandchildren do, whether it’s watching dance performances or making pancakes with them.

14. They know the value of every moment.

If there is one thing grandparents have learned in their lives, that time is very valuable. They see that their children grow up very fast, so they know how important it is to have fun every second they spend with their grandchildren.

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