Why does my dog ​​like to roll in the mud?

Does your dog like to roll in the mud? Don’t see there the desire to drive you crazy. Our doggie friends value these “mud baths” for many reasons, ranging from the simple pleasure of having fun and the legacy of a natural instinct that even anchors some canids. How can this shocking behavior be explained? What can we do in response to these actions that bother us? Do you need to prevent your pet from rolling on the ground this way? How to clean it up after without much effort? Let’s look at this case.

Why does my dog ​​like to roll in the mud?

Even if this behavior surprises you, your dog may want to roll in the mud for a number of reasons.

Find your scent

Often, dogs roll in the mud to detect their smell. This behavior is especially frequent after shampooing, applying a perfume or various fragrance products.

The dog, disturbed by this smell that is not his, will try to get rid of it by wiping himself on the ground, even if it means rolling in the mud. In this way, and although it is disappointing for the owner who has just treated his dog, the animal is just trying to find its natural smell.

To limit this occurrence, we recommend that you use fragrance -free products if possible. Be aware in any case that if you appreciate the fact that your little companion’s clothes smell, perfumes remain synthetic ingredients that are best avoided so as not to interfere with the dog’s sense of smell and can also cause reactions. .

Hide your smell

On the other hand, the dog may roll in the mud to cover up its smell. This bad behavior – which can also occur in the carcass of an animal or in feces – comes from a genetic origin. In fact, the wild ancestors of our pet dogs left them with some natural traits as a result of their hunting methods. Hiding its smell will prevent it from being found by its prey.

In this case, there is no need to fight, because you will not be able to resist the instincts of your little partner. He was very happy to do it. However, you can control this behavior to limit it. Don’t punish your dog, let him do it once and teach him to leave the mud rub at other inappropriate times.


Rolling in the mud is fun for the dog. Even if we don’t appreciate this wet contact with our skin, our doggie friends love to get out there like kids in a pond. Granted, it will take some effort to maintain later, but your little companion will enjoy it a lot. So be sure to allow it every now and then to freely show its joy.

Unleash the overflowing excitement

If your dog is not getting enough exercise or lacking stimulation, he needs to release his excess energy and excitement by rolling on the ground, especially in the mud.

In this case, for the most part, it is not just the visible manifestations. The dog can be a harmful smoker in the house, he can bark excessively, and so on.

Remember to meet his needs and offer him at least 30 minutes of actual walking a day (and not a short walk in the garden) as well as a daily play session of a few minutes. . The animal thus stimulated may be more peaceful and have less tendency to externalize its deficiencies.

How do you clean a dog rolling in the mud?

As you understand, you will have a hard time stopping this behavior from your dog. If some of the steps mentioned above allow you to limit it, your dog may feel the need to roll in the mud every now and then. Give him this freedom every now and then to allow him to live this moment of happiness and this natural need without fail on your side like his.

In this case, however, you need to consider cleaning the animal, an operation that can be painful. Here are our tips to make your life easier.


If your pooch is constantly rolling in the mud, it is recommended to take care of him regularly. You can hire a professional groomer or just give him a regular bath at home. Choose a fragrance -free shampoo every now and then (once every two months if possible to avoid irritating her sensitive skin) and for an odorless dry shampoo that allows you to remove dirt and impurities. smells from him more often.

Of course, regular brushing is necessary to maintain its coat and maintain the good health of its skin.

Foot cleaning

After you go out, clean your dog’s paws, as they can bring a lot of dirt and mud into the house. Wipe it well before going out the door.

To remove the residue of the mud, you can use a wipe suitable for dogs, or simply a towel dipped in warm water. So the dirt comes out on its own before the animal enters the house.

If her pads are irritated, you can moisturize them with a little coconut oil or olive oil.

Equip yourself

To avoid dirt and mud leaks in the house, use yourself a doormat or towel that you place in front of the door. The animal will be able to mop its claws and avoid leaving traces inside you. There are doormats dedicated to dogs that have wet and dirty feet and that keep the dirt well. Then just shake it or put it in the washing machine to clean it.

Also, precede your car ride by placing a towel and a small bottle of water in the trunk or passenger compartment. You can wipe your pooch’s feet at the end of the walk and before he gets dirty in the car. This care will save you significant hours later and keep the car and interior clean.

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