What is the wage portage for IT profiles?

In the IT sector, freelancing has become important. And platforms for connecting a freelancer and a potential client (like Malt or Kamatz) now overshadow traditional IT service companies (SSII and ESN).

But did you know that there are other more interesting options for IT consultants and IT profiles?

2i Portage explains to you what wage portage consists of, the fee and the advantages for a freelance IT consultant to become an employee brought in by a wage portage company.

What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a status that attracts more and more self-employed people, because it allows enjoy all the benefits of employee status and to unite them with the freedom and autonomy of freelance work.

Wage portage: what are we talking about?

By definition, wage portage is a form of hybrid work in the middle between wage work and freelance work.

This type of employment is based on a tripartite contractual relationship between an independent consultant (the employee who carries on), a client or a client company seeking a service and a payroll company.

It could be the solution punctual (between two hire periods) or more continue to. It is also common that at the end of a wage portage mission, the employee being brought in is hired by his client’s company.

In practice, there are 2 types of wage portage contracts:

  • The classic CDD (a fixed-term contract that can be renewed twice within a limit of 18 months maximum),
  • The CDI (open-ended contract).

Wage portage: for what kind of profiles?

Now in France, wage portage primarily skilled professionals working in companies or individuals as expertstimeshare consultant, service provider or trainer.

But this situation is also intended for all people who want to expanding their professional opportunities :

  • A self-entrepreneur who wants to go beyond the limits of the situation,
  • A retiree looking for more work,
  • A traditional employee who wants to offer more services,
  • A student who wants to offer his service in addition to his studies,
  • A business manager who wants to test his project without risk,
  • A consultant seeking to offer his expertise to international clients,
  • and so on

In the IT industry, it is a status that is gaining more followers. In effect, the digital transition in most companies has created a new demand and therefore requires the presence (punctual or permanent) of new profiles related to the IT Technology professions (network architect, IT engineer, MOE or MOA project manager, front and back office developer, integrator, consultant, etc. pa).

So salary loading is a very good solution, because it allows HR recruit and build a team of consultants with multidisciplinary skillsquickly and easily, to meet the needs of businesses.

For their part, IT profiles also benefit from this, as they can continue their activity with complete independence, set their fees and organize their schedule with complete autonomy, while benefiting from the many advantages that offered the job.

What is the wage portage for IT profiles?

Before committing to a mission with a client or a client company, it is important for the hired employee to do. a simulation of net salary or gross salary in wage portage.

Why do a wage portage simulation?

Carrying out a wage portage wage simulation allows the employee to be brought in or the future to be brought in:

  • Simulate its Average Daily Rate (ADR) and set its prices and rates as accurately as possible,
  • Determine the amount of his salary in advance (in the form of gross salary and net salary),
  • Calculate your payment schedules,
  • and so on

But doing a single wage portage income simulation also makes it possible compare the different options of umbrella companies to find out who offers the best service and best salary percentage.

How is the wage of an IT wage portage calculated?

Each mission performed and accepted by the wage portage company is formalized by:

  • The signing ofan employment contract between the wage portage company and the employee brought in,
  • The signing ofa commercial contract between the client company and the wage portage company,
  • The signing ofa carrying agreementbetween the consultant and the client firm.

The signing of these contracts enables the repair of TJM and the working time to be invoiced by the client’s company. We talked right away turnover excluding VAT invoice.

In this, it is then necessary take a certain amount of management fees, social and tax, insurance and contributions to determine the net salary to be received by the wearer at the end of the month.

Alternatively, some professional expenses will be reimbursed (up to 15% of employee turnover):

  • the mission costscustomer fees and charges,
  • the operating costsdeductible and recoverable thanks to the independent portage status.

Among these professional expenses, we can discuss in particular the costs of transportation, search, food, accommodation, teleworking or computer equipment.

If you want to know your future salary before signing an employment contract or even before being hired, try a wage portage wage simulation tool.

This online simulator allows in particular to go from a VAT-free turnover (according to TJM of worn or future worn), to net salary (between 48 and 60% of turnover excluding VAT depending on the various optimizations to be implemented) and to find out all the salary optimizations and benefits offered.

What are the advantages of wage portage for an IT profile?

In IT, Digital Services Companies (ESN) are common the preferred solution for freelancers. However, in order to improve, a Digital Services Company must offer the services of its consultants. at a rate higher than the salary to be paid to them.

In contrast, in wage portage, the self-employed person sets his or her own wage and can therefore, in part, recover the margin typically used by an ESN.

But there are many more benefits and benefits offered by IT professionals wishing to pass and wage portage company for their missions.

Taken by an employee:

  • Benefits from the same social and legal protection, and retains the same social benefits as a traditional employee (general social security scheme, company provision plan, unemployment insurance, insurance each other, additional pension scheme for executives, civil liability insurance professionals, etc.).
  • Set and negotiate own prices and schedules,
  • Determined its own service offer,
  • Can devote himself 100% to his activity without wasting time on the administrative part (accounting, drafting a commercial contract, etc.),
  • Its missions were chosen and its wages increased,
  • Take advantage of support from the wage portage company (advice for implementing projects, developing your business, training, networking, etc.).

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