what did the big Mjolnir hammer do?

armed with Mjolnir, he was honest magic hammer (or could it be science?) with him anywhere, Thor is about to resume service Thor: Love and Thunder, the next film of the saga to be released on July 13, 2022. The chance to question the origin, and above all the character of this mysterious hammer. He called the thunderdestroy all available materials, there is a mass so great that only Thor could lift it, plus that the latter could remember it at will and the hammer would return to him, somehow. A detail added touniverse Surprising: the Captain America character was also able to use it during a fight against Thanos. With all that, it seems like the hammer is approaching a lot more of a fantasy element than a sci-fi element. But it is possible to imagine the elements that explain its behavior. Or at least a part.

Thor: Love and Thunder hit theaters July 13. © Marvel Entertainment

Origins close to Norse mythology

on strange universeMjolnir forged a star die of elves, more precisely than a neutron stara star result of the death of a large star. Two dwarves, brothers Brokk and Eitri, take care of it, at the request of Odin, Thor’s father. But in Norse mythology, the story is a little different. It all started when Loki, who was supposed to be not Thor’s brother but Odin’s father’s brother, cut the goddess’s golden hair. sif, wife of Thor. Threatened by the latter, Loki goes to the dwarves to ask the Ivaldi brothers to do a new haircut, then takes the opportunity to bet on brothers Brokk and Eitri, other less famous dwarves, who they cannot do such valuable things.

As a result, after various adventures, two dwarfs emerge, Mjolnir at the forge, in addition to two valuable items, which are then offered to Thor. There is no question ofneutron star on the forge though, which on the contrary seems like a classic forge, although it manages a metal Asgardian Uru. But myth says that Mjolnir’s grip is shortened because of Loki who, in the form of a fly, can shock Brokk’s lids until he bleeds to prevent him from operating on the bellows, and so on. won his bet. . Her sister Eitri finished the run, so it was shorter than expected.

Neutron stars, these are monsters of density

Marvel’s choice to make Thor’s hammer into a neutron star isn’t so crazy: these stars are so dense that the mass of all humanity can put a teaspoon into this star! Done at the time of the death of large stars, neutron stars result in a reduction in the core of the star. With a Volumic mass about 1017 kilos per cubic meter, if we consider that the number Thor’s hammer head 25 x 15 x 15 cm3then its total weight will be 5.6 x 1015 kilos, or over five million billion kilos! It’s kind of material clearly not to be found on Earth, and to find oneself caught up in core by gravitational attraction because it is more compact than bread where the clothing.

In addition, such a hammer will use a pulling gravity very severe, proportional to the mass of the two interacting bodies, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance separating them. Thus, at about 30 meters, the estimated acceleration reaches 400 m/s2ie being unable to move at first, the rapidly reach in a second can be 400 m/s, so much larger than speed of sound ! the water force should also be considered: the part of the body furthest from the hammer is less attracted to it than the part closest to the hammer. A person attracted to the hammer will then see his body deformed, even torn apart by these tidal forces. Even if clearly unrealistic, it gives an idea of ​​what a hammer looks like as dense as a neutron star. Except that an object taken from a neutron star, if possible, would be spherical in shape because the gravity balance the distribution of particles.

An ejection of Mjolnir’s gravitons

But if we stick to a hammer presentation card published by Marvel, the Mjolnir will actually weigh only 20 kilos: no neutron star therefore. Its great weight can be explained by another element whose existence has not been confirmed until now: the grabiton. This particle, according to standard modelis the vector of gravitational force, in the same way as photos for electromagnetic force. If we consider that the people of Asgard, and especially the dwarves of the forge, have scientific knowledge that is unthinkable for us, then they will be able to fill the hammer with gravitons. This one, then, “chooses” or does not release gravitons according to the person trying to capture them, by evaluating whether this end is worth it or not.

It remains to be seen how Thor will summon him from afar. In fact, this one, when it is called, changes the direction in which it will move immediately towards its owner. This means that a force is exerted between the hammer and Thor, or at least his hand, that surpasses all other forces that move Mjolnir to move. mobility. This force is clearly invisible: it can be a “modified” form of gravitation, with a constant gravity different from G. But be careful, such force should only be applied between the hammer and the handle. Hard to imagine, then.

Calling lightning: what if Mjolnir is a capacitor?

Finally, another important element: the summoning thunder. This is where the electromagnetic force enters. Like gravity, it moves away, but this time not by mass, but by electrical charge. When a particle is charged, negatively or positively, it is associated with a electromagnetic field, which also influences all other charged particles. However, the Earth’s soil is rather negatively loaded around the world, while theatmosphere neutral worldwide. Summon the thunder buot ipasabot summon a storm : thus creating an electric discharge between the upper atmosphere and the earth.

During the stormsthe CLOUD onthunderalso called cumulonimbus, accumulates positive charges on it, and negative charges on its base. The earth then gradually becomes positive, through electromagnetic influence: the negative cloud charges repel those on the terrestrial earth and attract them to positive charges. the lightning occurs during discharges: a current that passes between the cloud and the ground, ionizes the particles in its path which then emits LIGHT. If the elements are tall, such as lightning boltsthey are the most affected by lightning, for the tide will flow faster there. In Thor’s case, there was no need for a cloud: he summoned lightning simply by using Mjolnir. The only solution: the hammer is able to charge electricity, to induce a current between it and the atmosphere. In the case of a storm cloud, it’s much simpler. By throwing gravels, but this time only towards the top, then Mjolnir can be the only possible way out of the lightning, the equivalent of a giant lightning rod.

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