The trends of autumn-winter 2023 according to Christine Boland

This was highlighted by fashion specialist Christine Boland during a conference about the fall-winter 2023 season: we live in a time of great change. Our society has reached many tip points, not only in climate but also in coming to the definition of masculinity and femininity. “We live in constant stress,” he explained. Despite the turmoil, our time allows for “a creative explosion” according to the specialist who states that “the power of creativity and imagination can help us make the changes that need to happen”. And it is precisely this power of creativity and imagination that reflects the forecast for autumn-winter 2023.

According to Boland, our time is already under a huge paradox. “We wanted to hide it from others, but we felt it was important to have to make a bond more than ever”. This paradox has influenced the autumn-winter 2023 forecast in many ways.

Christine Boland: The power of service creativity in social change

Two of the themes cited by Christine Boland are already important in spring-summer 2023. These are the evolution of the metaverse and nanoverse, and a new definition of what is “primitive”. Through this first theme, the specialist evokes what he calls “the ancient has become precious”. “This theme has a unique, sweet,” he explains. It can be found on tops, accessories or shoes with sculptural shapes. Tactile textures, especially with fur or faux fur structures combined with very soft surfaces. The theme is punctuated by its motifs and structure with visible constructions. There’s also a touch inspired by the Dada movement, known for its use of collage technique.

Ports 1961 FW22 show, photo via
Alberta Ferretti FW22, photo via

The simultaneous development of the metaverse and the nanoverse (in close relationship with nature) constitutes the theme “Following natural intelligence”. “It’s about mixing the unreal with hyperrealism,” Christine Boland explains. In particular, there are lines and patterns composed of cells and strands in the mycelium. “The forms seem to have developed accidentally,” he added. Let’s take for example balloon sleeves made from ropes, not to mention the element of bioluminescence, this phenomenon in which a chemical reaction creates light inside a living organism. In fashion, it is translated into a bright color that seems to illuminate the entire dress.

Bottega Veneta AW22, by Blanchon Agency
Bottega Veneta AW22, by Blanchon Agency

In addition, the costume, which is no longer considered “a masculine garment for women”, is making a comeback in trend forecasts. As for spring-summer 2023, in winter it will represent a real marriage between man and woman. Instead of supple summer shapes, in winter the suit will take on straight, sharp, but still elegant lines. “It looks classic, but it’s more than that”. According to Boland, “fashion is not yet finished exploring the possibilities of costume”. The latter is part of the theme of “overcoming clichés”, which aims to specifically examine the links between femininity and masculinity. “Today, fuchsia pink is no longer associated with one gender,” he added.

Fendi AW22, via

Within this theme stands another movement: the desire for retro prints. This period is full of nostalgia of the middle of the century translated by modern colors. Color is so important and the appeal of the prints and their simplicity echoes Christine Boland’s predictions for the summer of 2023 that the “2D view” will take the opposite direction in the three-dimensional universe. in the metaverse.

Christine Boland explains the trends, themes and paradoxes of autumn-winter 2023

According to Boland, many of the themes already mentioned in previous seasons will continue to exist in the autumn-winter 2023. There are, however, some differences, and according to him, here is the essence of innovation. The changes that our society is going through today in many areas have not disappeared from one era to the next. However, new elements were added to it, such as the theme of “historical change”, as Boland called it. It is a new look at history, which he describes as a mixture of romance and reality, and a new examination of what is considered good or evil. This theme can be seen in the return of armor, the aesthetics of maidens and knights. We can see in the dresses chainmail, pearls and a combination of colors consisting of beige, black and gold with beautiful embellishments. According to Dr. LG, “it’s a rich and abundant theme, but always deviated from historical fact” – and it doesn’t just come by color. “There’s almost something hysterical about it,” Boland added, referring to the freedoms taken away by the costumes of the Netflix series “Bridgerton.”

Dior FW23, photo courtesy of Dior
Dior FW23, photo courtesy of Dior
Dior FW23, photo courtesy of Dior

While some of the themes seem familiar, it appears that the fall-winter 2023 season offers a wide spectrum of stories. From the maidens to the armor that goes through a femininity to a sharp innovation, from the abundance of patterns to the embellishments and the abundance of constructions. Fortunately, you don’t have to use all of these trends at once. But they are a fairly rich source of inspiration to make the choices that best suit your target. Let’s meet in fall-winter 2023 to find out what forms they will get.

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