PSG: Galtier-Campos, at the beginning of a relationship of trust

For the new coach in Paris, the Portuguese presence will be decisive in his choice. GOAL tells you how the two men created a special synergy that they want to work with again.

It’s like “you don’t know someone until you’ve worked with them”. Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier have already tried this idea at LOSC and will continue to do so at PSG. To understand how this relationship was formed and then consolidated, we need to go back to the fall of 2017, when the two men met at the Hermitage Gantois.

In this chic hotel in downtown Lille located a few steps from the train station, the former northern sports adviser picked up his habits of making his appointments and received his future technician, with no club within a few months after his departure from Saint -Etienne, for the final interview. Within two to three hours, the upcoming duo exchanged live.

Luis Campos, who always had a specific idea of ​​what he wanted to put in, explained to his interlocutor that the transfer window and the organization of the club were not his problem. “I’ll help you think only of football”, he slips in substance the one that passed through Monaco. A first act that lays the foundations for a relationship based on mutual respect and unwavering frankness.

On paper, complementarity seems obvious

Known to not have his tongue in his pocket, José Mourinho’s former recruiter conducted his investigation into the profile of his future coach and asked the opinion of various people in the middle. A few weeks before this meeting, Campos was at the Allianz Riviera in Nice and met David Wantier, the former sports director at the Greens.

“He came to see me wisely to ask me my opinion about Christophe. I replied that he was a very good coach and a kind person.explains Wantier, who joined ASSE in coming and supporting and comforting the duo Galtier-Teissier (Stéphane, former director general of the Greens), without going into details.

“I know how both work. On the one hand, Galtier is a football buff, a very open person who, if he doesn’t know anything, won’t say “no, I’m not interested” like others. If he trusts you because you are competent, he will surrender and trust you. On the other hand, Campos is very good at recruiting and identifying the best players in different leagues. »

On paper, complementarity seems obvious. The future PSG coach loves to delegate, while the Portuguese is thankful that his technician can only focus on the field. However, all of this takes a period of adjustment: in Saint-Etienne, Galtier has always invested a lot of time in non-sporting things. Lack of human resources.

“It’s in the success of recruitments that their relationship of trust is tied, but not only”

At Forez, he regularly reviews and validates profiles offered by his sports director. Arriving in Lille, the situation changed. “Christophe confirmed to me that Luis knows his part very well and he just needs to delegate by providing the profiles he wants, tells the ex-DS of ASSE. He has complete confidence because Campos always brings him the profile he is looking for. No compromise. »

The experience of the former OM player in Nice has taught him: the transfer window can destroy the relationship between a technician and his sports director. Between Campos and Galtier, the effects of this period have created cement. “It’s in the success of recruitments that their relationship of trust is tied, but not only”confessed to a former collaborator.

First there were difficulties in the first end of the season in which Lille went on. Throughout his experience at Lille, Galtier has been able to trust his partner as a resource, a solution to his problems. The two men talk about everything, have misunderstandings but are ultimately looking for solutions.

In the North, whether for the arrival of a new staff member, the arrival of a nutritionist or the creation of a support unit for players (to improve the cohesion of new arrivals and some family), “They’ve said it before. Between them, there’s no need for a formal meeting, they talk about it at lunch, at breakfast. It’s an endless exchange.said another of their relatives.

Software changes

In land questions, it also happens to be the duo to exchange. Campos, who has an ear for his recruits, also brings valuable information. At LOSC, this is how he explained the need to give Gabriel playing time (now at Arsenal), then a replacement. “He is already starting to get stronger in training and Luis has told him to be careful because he will lose the player who is an asset to the club”, recalled a relative. And behind the scenes, the Brazilian has become one of the L1’s best defenders.

This common trust grew only over time and was evidence of the success of the organization put in place by the Portuguese. So the French technician ended up modifying his own software and making the guys originally brought in by the architect of the project. João Sacramento (his assistant at PSG) and Pedro Gomez (the new physical trainer) are proof of this.

“I was trained in a certain way at DTN, I knew I wanted to practice, not yet exactly how to achieve it, but Luis Campos told me to allow myself to be taken to meetings, especially here, in Lille, where I met the Spaniards, Portuguese »Galtier explained in an interview with SoFoot in December 2020.

But this deal is not limited to their time with the Mastiffs which ended with a French championship title. When Campos left the ship, the former LOSC coach always had strong and admirable words for him. Despite a period of peace, their relationship continued.

“I would never make a decision without his point of view”

Between a resident of Monegasque and one occupying the Nice bench, meetings have been regular at the Principality in the past. And their reunion could have been somewhere other than Paris since Galtier expressed a desire to see association reform in Nice while the deal with Julien Fournier was more recent. The issue of mandatory recruitment …

Tuesday at PSG, the duo have therefore officially changed and the new Parisian coach has not failed to recall that his arrival in the capital was due to the project presented by… Luis Campos. Asked about this relationship and how they work, Galtier summarizes the approach for those unfamiliar with it.

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“With Luis, we worked for three years. We were in constant contact. Luis knew what I expected from my team and before leaving for recruitment, we talked a lot, Galtier admitted. Did he recruit: yes! We have done a lot of transfer windows together but never a player has come without my agreement. If there are things I don’t like, I’ll intervene but I’ll talk to him. I would never make a decision without his perspective. »

In QSI’s ten years, such a strong relationship between a coach and his sports director (even if he doesn’t have the title) has not been heard of. This is probably the basis of a revolution.

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