Pokémon GO Fest 2022: He stole a piece of decoration and was banned from the game!

This weekend from July 1 to 3, 2022 is the Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin. Following a successful digital world edition, this physical activity has attracted the interest of many German fans but also foreigners from around the world. It was actually in the Britzer Garden, a large park in Berlin, that the festival took place, bringing together thousands of players under the sun. A structure that obviously helps to walk and relax under the refreshing shade of the trees.

With their one -day ticket that can be purchased directly on their phone, the coaches are already done visit the park while picking up hundreds of Pokémon hoping to find their famous chromatic versions. But GO Fest offers so many other activities that a player in particular doesn’t hesitate to squat all day to collect many items. A rudeness that is less acceptable to Internet users on Twitter, who also understand that he stole one of the items from the decor.

Stealing Pokémon GO Fest decorations: a permanent ban on the game?

At the site, players can enjoy the entire park and the Niantic teams have prepared several sets, especially at the locations of the 4 activity biomes. In the electric garden, for example, you will find steel structures but also a large inflatable Snorlax. On the windy beach, you can admire the lighthouse and walk on the sand by the water. On the rocky side of the volcano, a small copy of a volcano can be photographed and for the grass, we found beautiful poisonous plants and even a raspberry berry hanging from a tree. One of the highlights of the event was a 10km eggin medium size, where players can take a photo.

Throughout the day, this egg is unfortunately lost: a trainer just enough to bring it to his hotel room! Then he had a good idea to post a photo of his treasure on Twitter and the Niantic teams didn’t fail to notice it, which obviously got him banned on Pokémon GO. Regretting his move and hoping to find his valuable account on the application, he brought back the egg on Sunday morning and deban it. A punishment considered more lenient by Internet users, but one question plagued us: how could he leave with such a big egg from the event? Available entries are all monitored by multiple staff.

An undervalued player in the Pokémon GO community

Now known on the web thanks (or because of) his already deleted tweet, the trainer has quickly become a source of social network hate. In addition to stealing the egg from the decoration, most of all its thefts made the activity uncomfortable for other players: in different areas of the park, it was possible to participate in raffle classes where players can answer questions about the game and compare their Pokémon to get exclusive items. Although these are “small” items such as event badges, stickers or key rings in the Red, Yellow and Blue groups, the purpose is to distribute them to as many people as possible. , participants, especially children. So, if someone wins prizes once or twice, they can stop and give in advance or give good things to someone else.

Apparently, the egg thief couldn’t control himself and won about twenty prizes, which didn’t fail to infuriate Twitter users.

Here is the list of featured hours on Pokémon GO for the month of July 2022. The chance to get Coxy or Stari shiny!

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