He gave his girlfriend an ultimatum: “Either the dog will go or I will go. Her boyfriend’s answer was online

In April 2021, a Reddit user named u/sugar-soad asked: “People who have to choose between their pet or their partner, how does your ex react when you choose your pet? Lots people answered this question!

Here are some of the most relevant and interesting answers when given an ultimatum:

1. “He was gone 3 weeks after that. The cat lived 3 more beautiful years ”

A friend doubts her boyfriend’s ability to take care of his elderly cat. She was sure he needed to euthanize her, but she didn’t agree. He was weak and emaciated, but based on his blood tests and visits to the veterinarian, he was healthy and had no reason to euthanize him.

Yet his colleague continued to comment. “He even went to a veterinarian to get the burning brochures so I could buy an urn. »

Her response to her comments was, “If you talk to me about euthanizing my cat again or insulting me for not doing the right thing, you can put your bags away. »

He left three weeks later.

2. “I convinced my in-laws to take her”

“I have an old rat (he’s four years old, which is a success for a rat), I’ve had him since I was a kid, I raised him with his brother who died two winters ago. .When we moved in with my in-laws in the summer, they didn’t want me to bring my rat.

I immediately told my partner that I would be staying for a while (we had been living together for almost three years at the time) because I was a rat under my responsibility, he was very old and I wanted to be together. bahala na. to the end. They were a little upset and blamed me for picking the rat over them, but I explained to them that it was an animal that depended on us.

Nigana, I convinced my in-laws that I would take her. He is living his last days and I am happy to be here with him. Bury him with his brother when the time comes. »

3. “He told me it was over. It fits me so well. »


A chihuahua, an outdoor dog? Absolutely not!

“I have a boyfriend who has been dating for a few months and things are starting to get serious. One day, he said to me, “You know, if we live together, your dog has to stay outside. The dogs were not supposed to be inside. My dog ​​is a 3 kg chihuahua. I told him that if he didn’t want to change his mind, we wouldn’t be together anymore.

He told me it was over. It fits me so well. After that, when I met my husband, he told me he didn’t like small dogs. She met my dog ​​and literally loved it. Sadly, he died two years ago, but he had just turned 12. I hope another man finds someone good for him. »

4. “Butters always make quality cookies by my side”

Toxic relationships can often heal us. The best thing to do is to remember who you are and what you want in life. For this man, his cat, Butters.

“I have a very poisonous girlfriend who once gave me a cat from a rescue center for my birthday. She NEVER likes cats, she’s not aggressive, she’s just angry and doesn’t like to fight. We were arguing earlier about something irrelevant and he decided to start complaining about the pussy and started telling me we had to get rid of him, he was bad JUST because he was angry (from he’s in a rescue center !! and he’s very loving. if you let him come to you if he feels safe). ”He started threatening to leave Humane Society or remove him while I was away so I couldn’t stop him . I told him to get out of my house and he broke up right away. Butters always make quality cookies by my side and love to sleep with me 🙂 ”

5. “He wants a dog instead. »


“He wanted me to break up with my cat because he wanted a dog instead. We don’t live together and I’m allergic to dogs. It doesn’t matter. She really wanted one, so she asked me to put my cat down. I gave him instead. The look on his face, when I took him to his mother, was so precious. »

6. “I’ve been raising tarantulas for a few years, it’s my job. »

This man raises tarantulas and this is his job. Even though he was always clear that there were spiders in his house, it was never a major factor in his relationship.

“I’ve dated this guy for a few months, but we always meet outside or in his house. I never thought about it. In the fourth month, he started to get angry and one day he immediately asked me how long it would take to “sell and some spiders”.

When his companion returned, he was upset that there were still spiders in his house. His response was, “Do you think I’ll leave my job for you?” »

7. “He is my soulmate and I will die for him.” »


“My ex-husband was very abusive and wanted to destroy everything I owned in order to punish and control me. I endured anything and everything for over two years because “I love it”. Last time I insulted him/hit my dog. I immediately grabbed my car and my dog ​​and drove away. I immediately filed for divorce. I haven’t seen him since. »

8. “She does everything to hide her allergy to cats. »

This guy hid from his girlfriend that he was very allergic to cats so he picked it up and separated his cat.

“I was dating a guy who pretended to be less allergic to cats. He first came doped with Benadryl and I confronted him about it, and he tearfully told me that he hoped he would hide his allergy for a long time so that I would love him and choose him.for my cat . »

9. “My girlfriend doesn’t like my beagle Molly. SO I have to find him a new family. »

Living with his girlfriend, a young man faces a serious problem. Her boyfriend really wanted her to break up with her beagle, so she gave him an ultimatum. It was him, or the beagle. After thinking about it for a while, he took to Craigslist under the username Roanoke to make an announcement that shocked many people.

“My girlfriend didn’t like my beagle Molly, so I had to move her. She’s different from a good family, and I’ve been with her for four years. He loves to play. He was not fully educated.

Her hair is long so it needs a bit of maintenance, she also wears long nails, but she loves to do it. Woke up all night screaming, but fell asleep while I worked. Eat only the best, most expensive foods. ”

He then concluded his announcement with the following words: “So… anyone interested in my greedy, kind, gold-digging 30-year-old girlfriend? Dali kuhaa! I and my dog ​​want him back as soon as possible! “.

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