Before the holidays, school board program

Between the change in the perimeter of the school that has become the attraction for Jean Macé’s new school and the threats weighing on the “Education for sustainable development” program, the school has concentrated part of the debates in the previous session. .

On the eve of the holidays, the atmosphere was not bright and carefree this Monday night at the Tarbes municipal council. The mistake was first of all with the ever-confusing subject: the senior residence to be built in the Carreau Brauhauban parking lot. During this time the expansion of the risky lease of SARL Résistud. “This project, which has been debated by many of you, is even more delayed,” Selim Dagdag said. “Wrong, we talked and most are in favor of this project” the mayor replied. “Why not do an SEM” suggests Pierre Lagonelle. An idea submitted after the vote in which only four votes were collected in favor. “There is no preemption on this land” ruled Gérard Trémège.

A summer atmosphere has not prevented elected officials from already planning for Tarbes in December with a change in prices by bringing it back to their level in 2019. “At the temperatures we are experiencing, always which takes a lot of energy to keep this ice going, Laurent Rougé testified for the left opposition.Why not use synthetic ice like Nistos, which has a removable and recyclable system, so that the holidays remain a joy considering climate emergencies. “I understand your question but the result of this solution is not very good” replied Pascal Claverie, trade assistant.

Elected officials did not fail to project themselves into the next school year, before enjoying the holidays. In particular changing the perimeter of the school to take into account demographic changes. “We are particularly in the tension at the Jean Macé school where the reconstruction of a new modern establishment creates a draft, specified Gille Craspay, education assistant. There is no humiliation about Jean Macé, because since the school was full of tension, we checked the perimeter so that students could refer to neighboring schools (Paul Bert, Voltaire and Ormeau-Figarol), the first two of which had recruitment difficulties. (with four abstentions) for five years.

Before the students left the school banks, the funding of the “Education for sustainable development” and “Butterfly” programs was debated. It is expected that 2,700 students will participate in these two programs and in many class and field events. Devices whose cost amounts to € 356,913 and to which private companies contribute. “It’s a shame to see Suez and Véolia there, with a good conscience here” laments Rébecca Caley. “But it is likely that these programs, which have brought joy to 15,000 children since their inception, will no longer be sustainable and it is not the reality of Veolia or Suez, that has angered the mayor.” As a leading funder of these programs, with € 142,765 in assistance, the region has a key role to play in maintaining these noble tools.

Housing tax for accommodation vacant for at least two years

To return unoccupied property back to the real estate market, accommodation that has been vacant for at least two years may be subject to housing tax, beginning January 1, 2023. The vacancy will be assessed under another- other conditions. “In the city center, with the Action Coeur de Ville program, 372 housing units have been repaired or renovated, representing more than € 7 million,” the mayor recalled. “You can still add the tax on the Tarbais,” replied Pierre Lagonelle. If an owner does not rent his property, even though there are many charges, it is because he has good reasons … “Taken to the volleyball mayor: “We do not intend to punish the Tarbais, but to support them in their development project. If they have legitimate reasons not to rent, there is no tax. It is a pure incentive. No. we are trying to punish anyone. ”

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