At 30, Hervé Vilard sadly lost “his love” and his unborn child

Sometimes life is so cruel that you feel you have no right to be happy. Life’s difficulties are sometimes hard to overcome, and the loss of loved ones is even more so: this is the life story of Hervé Vilard.

Hervé Vilard is known not only for his many hit songs, but also for his first French singer who openly revealed his homosexuality. A few years after his release, the translator of the title ¨Mourir ou vivre¨ made a surprise by revealing that he was in love with a woman.

Her joy increased when her partner told her she was pregnant with her child. He was so happy that he could finally fulfill his dream of becoming a father. Sadly, the mother and future child died in a horrific road accident, which left the singer in deep grief.

After finally being able to raise her head, she finds love again in the arms of a mannequin. Their professional schedules have improved their relationship. Soon, she learns that she died while holding her child, while he was not watching her.

Back to the truth.

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In the 1970s, Hervé Vilard was at the peak of his career. He travels the world to meet his audience, and that’s how much he loves South America, especially Mexico.

There he met a Consuella, whom he named ¨Lalla¨. Soon they were starting an exciting love story.

Hervé Vilard felt the beautiful Mexican, a feeling that he was new to her. She described her lover as “a friend, a brother, her love”.

French pop singer Hervé Vilard, picture with tulip, Hamburg, Germany, circa 1967. І Sources: Getty Images

She wants to share everything with her lover: her happiness, travel, and most of all, starting a family with her. The singer goes from thought to action and she is happy when she finds out that her lover is pregnant. She plans herself directly into the future and is already thinking about sex and the child’s first name:

¨Of course, it’s male. He would be handsome and intelligent, just like his father Hervé! Let’s call him Peter, Pierre. Peter or Peter,

he thought.

This daughter of teachers from Chiapas literally returned to the world of the singer, because for the first time in her life, she saw herself as the head of a family:

“I convinced myself that I was made to start a family, that our mixed -race son was the most beautiful, the strongest (…) He needed me. I needed him. In France, I was not so much. successful. In Mexico, I am a national idol and I have found a partner that we love very much “,

he said.

French singer Hervé Vilard on the Olympia stage in 1982. І Sources: Getty Images

Sadly, his dream of fatherhood suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed.

Sadly Lalla lost her life in a car accident, which also took away their future child. More than sad, the interpreter of ¨Capri it’s over¨ felt great regret. In his book ¨From ivy in the trees¨ (Fayards editions), he recounts the course of this terrible accident:

“Get out of the way. A car in a ravine. Lalla walked away, bringing his greatest victory (…) Our son died. Before he was born. Carried my desire to be a father with no past. He would have made me superman. I would not have explained to him. Why so much lost love? I confessed to him with all my soul, this little mulatto. Undoubtedly, he would have brought me the courage to catch up. other benefits “,

Hervé Vilard is overwhelmed by this double drama. He returned to France and found comfort in writing. She has composed many songs, collaborating with talented women such as Dalida and Marguerite Duras.


The singer finally recovered from this grief, but she did not give up her dream of fatherhood. Years later, he finds love again with another woman: Alexandra Giraud. They met on an airplane, and Hervé fell in love with this famous model.

Hervé Villard. І Source: Getty Images

They live in a beautiful apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. They wanted to have a child, but after trying for a year and a half, they left the idea even to themselves.

Determined to make her living with the model, Hervé asked her several times for her hand, to no avail. The 3rd attempt was right, and Alexandra agreed to marry him. Everything is going well in their relationship, but their individual obligations will dominate their love.

As Hervé Vilard traveled the streets around the world, Alexandra for her part tied up the trips and shootings. They could no longer spend time together, and their apartment became a hallway. Separation seemed inevitable, and it finally happened in the early 90s.

This is a new big disappointment for Hervé Vilard, and the worst awaits him. On November 29, 1992, her ex-fiancée, Alexandra Giraud, died of viral meningitis, and not only that: she was pregnant with Hervé.

Without this disease, it allowed the famous singer to finally realize this joy that was deprived of him. Sadly, she died at the age of 35, carrying her child.

Singer Hervé Vilard. І Source: Getty Images

Hervé felt as if he was reliving the bad dream that had plagued him for years, and from it he had long since recovered. This recent failure threw him into a black depression.

He found the support and comfort he needed from members of his record company, Tréma.

“The employers, Régis Talar and Jacques Revaux, know everything about me. My dramas: my mother, this child without me, while I was trying, like me, with this woman who died pregnant… Reinforced by this cocoon they represent, I am invincible! ,

he wrote in his book.

Life was not easy for him, but Hervé Vilard was always strong.

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