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In the history of WoW, many attack bosses have marked players through the game mechanics on offer. Other encounters can be more original, while sometimes it’s about handling an ability that makes the fight unique. In this video by hirumaredx, the author goes back to bosses who offer a different experience or have a lot of impact on players.

As always, the full video is available below, but I’ll give you a summary of the Top 10.

  1. Blood Council : On the one hand, we have Mr. Stavros choosing pairs of dancers in the sjoueurs. They have to stay close to each other or take damage, but you also have to move constantly to avoid AoEs appearing beneath your characters. Danse Macabre’s skill is also very original and forces players to follow the steps of the purotin, which can result in a buff or a DoT depending on whether you are successful or not.
  2. Malygos : This was one of the first bosses to show up in a mid-air fight, with a fairly easy but not very exciting round 3. A fight marked in this part but in the end a little frustration, which is a shame for an important character.
  3. Vault of the Keepers : Players must use the Light of Elune to light up the environment and be able to attack various monsters in the corridors towards the final boss, Cordana Felsong. Spiders can hit players in the dark, but not the other way around, which can sometimes hurt. Cordana also uses the same mechanic, somewhat unique in WoW history.
  4. lay the head face down on smth. : In Phase 2, the employer disappears and brings in many add -ons that need to be killed or repaired. The concept of the end is not always pleasing to management for players, especially those who want to start soloing. You really have to be able to move quickly and because every class isn’t always well presented in terms of movement, the experience can be a dream for some.
  5. Pandaria Loot : A unique boss because it involves opening crates and killing visible additions. A no boss encounter of sorts, where your attack has to be split in two and where the most important thing is to balance the two groups well.
  6. Iron Maidens : A dantesque fight that has hurt the heads of many players. It takes managing three bosses, but also to avoid dropping one too quickly below 20% of life points in danger of finding them a bit angry. It is also necessary to constantly pass the cuirassier to kill the additions and remove the explosives. A very long meeting full of mechanics.
  7. Dark Animus : Another fight with many, if not too many elements of attention. With the presence of small, medium and large golems, positioning is important because it is necessary to avoid activating multiple golems at the same time. There should also be multiple tanks. The attack should handle the abilities of the boss himself, but also the additions, for example Animus that would disrupt the cast at all. A puzzle where a death while dealing with golems can cause a raid to wipe out.
  8. The Sorry Host : An important encounter due to the two worlds where players have to fight. We played in the same room, but in two different rounds with our own additions. However, some of the effects of Physical Mode are shown in the Spirit World, requiring both groups to be very careful with the player’s position.
  9. Reyna Azshara : 4 stages, 2 intermediate stages, skills that consider the line of sight in all directions, the famous commands and a long, long fight. What else can be said?
  10. Naphtremens : The first boss in Sanctum of Domination isn’t difficult, but it carries a very special mechanic with different anima powers that you collect from the trash can before the encounter. They are random and thus change the way you play every time you face them. Some bosses are even worse, with the ability of Disembodied Mystical Hands to steal rage and increase your damage and speed by 25% in 35 seconds. Not all powers are equally powerful, but some combinations can be interesting or very useful depending on the difficulty mode (fix, + 30% of your stats, + 45% life, etc.).

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