The dog barked at the pregnant woman, the doctor saw the ultrasound and called the police …

Shanna and Ricky have been married since they were teenagers. Ever since they were 16, the two lovebirds have had their ups and downs. A moment in particular, however, marks the young woman in their relationship.

Pregnancy can change everything

During their ten years together, Ricky has never introduced his partner to his family. The young woman was always found strange. No member of young Shanna’s in-laws was invited to their wedding.

That day, Ricky only invited people his wife already knew. But this detail never changed their love for each other. They say yes in front of their friends. Even if the bride’s relatives are not there, their union is still magical. Shanna loved him. But maybe he also likes this mystery that surrounds him. He seems to have appeared with no background or family.

After their reunion, the small family wanted to grow. The young couple, however, have struggled to be parents since the first draft. Shanna doesn’t get pregnant as they expected. So she went to the hospital with her husband for a medical examination. Determined to know the truth, the wait for results is endless. Fortunately, specialists do not have any anomalies in the couple’s fertility.

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So they left relieved and tried again to be parents as advised by their doctor. Shortly thereafter, their small home received good news. Shanna was pregnant then. Family relatives were informed and shared their happiness. But that is not the case with their dog.

Keola’s disturbing actions

Their dog’s behavior changed throughout the night during Shanna’s pregnancy. When he licked the future mother’s belly, he had already started to bark at it. The dog’s actions really worried the young woman because all this violence from Keola was unique.

He didn’t know what caused the animal to bark at him like that. So they took him to the vet to find out what had happened. However, the veterinarian was quick to reassure Keola’s owners that there was nothing to worry about. The questions increased in the young woman’s mind.

Why did Keola yell at him the other day? If the dog has no problem, is he the problem? Is the child at risk? Very worried, he asked Google in hopes of understanding what was going on. But the more he watched, the more frightened he was by the answers. The panic grows when most sites confirm that this type of problem is usually from the child and not from the animal.

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He told this to his mother who just told him not to believe in the veracity of the Google results. Not very confident, Shanna still decided to follow her mother’s words. However, she performed examinations and analyzed her baby for 18 weeks. The test results showed no abnormalities. Faced with this news, the beautiful family returned to their calm.

Their dog felt it

A few weeks later, in her 23rd week of pregnancy, a terrible pain hit Shanna’s back. Her husband immediately took her to the hospital. But due to traffic congestion they were delayed on the road. So they decided to call an ambulance to find Shanna who was grieving.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor immediately gave the young woman an ultrasound. His shock was great. He decided to call the police. It was only later that he told Ricky about Shanna’s condition.

When the police arrived at the hospital, they first questioned the husband. They then took him to the police station. Shanna’s condition was explained there. Law enforcement authorities have asked Ricky to continue identifying potential criminals. He identified his wife’s doctor among the criminals.

This doctor would have put in a chip that could regulate medications. She hid it well in the pills Shanna was taking. Use in such a way is not yet regulated by law. So the young mother had to undergo emergency surgery to get the chip. 40 weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy baby whom she named Giulia. After what happened, the couple never again ignored their dog’s instinct.

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