“My most beautiful was Liège-Lille in 1980 with the amazing number of Bernard Hinault”

A fan of dissatisfied and unconditional curiosity about cycling since his childhood in Avesnois, Francis Taquet has released his Volume 2 of “The Stages of Touring Hauts-de-France”. Interview about the love between the region and the Tour de France.

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It started back in the mid-1960s. At the time, Francis Taquet was six or seven years old when his father made him discover “in color” what the Paris-Brussels cycling race was (a race called now La Bruxelles Classique, passed into the background today). At Jolimetz, in Avesnois, 400 meters from the house, the peloton passed in real life. The love of young Francis doesn’t have to start. During the Tour de France, the young man recalled 10 “unforgettable” minutes spent each night at ORTF, “in black and white” on stage during the day. Now, after several years of researching information in the National Library of France, in the archives of the department and in various libraries, Francis has published volume 2 of his book in the years 1947-1977.

Titled “The stages of the Tour in Hauts-de-France”, volume 1 takes pride of place in the 1906-1938 editions. Volume 3, to be published for two years, will do so in the years 1978 – to this day. .

You want the war, you get it

Bernard Hinault on stage in Liège – Lille in 1980

  • What was the most beautiful period you have ever experienced in the region?

“It was about Liège (Belgium) – Lille, in 1980. The weather was terrible, it would have been a quiet period but the Dutch riders attacked and the regional team at La Redoute wanted to shine in the homeland. Bernard Hinault , basically said “OK, you want a war, you get it”. most famous Frenchman of all time, on the boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas in Lille.Unfortunately, the Frenchman had to retire a few days ago in Pau due to tendonitis due in many days of trying in very humid conditions. “

Jules Deloffre in the years 1908-1928 … He did acrobatic work to recover money from the public and then he bought the parts and repaired them. He completed the Tour seven times like this out of 14 entries and finished first separately in 1912.

Francis Taquet

Places called Hauts-de-France in France

  • Who is your biggest Tour regional champion?

“In chronological order, there was Charles Crupeland from Roubaix in the 1910s, Jules Deloffre from Caudrés in the years 1908-1928. He was a remote runner and not a group. That is, if he had a mechanical problem , he repaired it.On himself that night.He did an acrobatic work to recover the money from the public and then he bought the parts and repaired it.He completed the Tour seven times like this out of 14 participant and finished first alone in 1912. Afterwards there were, without a doubt, the best in the region: Jean Stablinski, from Thun-Saint-Amand, several-time French champion, a world champion and with Jacques Anquetil’s team In the 1960s there was also Henri Duez from Béthune, he made the rounds six times between 1961 and 1966 and finished 14th in 1965. Robert Mintkewicz from Bully-les-Mines in 1970 who finished second on the Champs Elysées As of now, I will of course follow Cambresian Florian Sénéchal and Arrageois Adrien P a little. “

  • Hauts-de-France has always been presented as a land where we love cycling. But why and on what proportions?

“Jean Stablinski, the Paris-Roubaix, the miners’ love for effort, the popular festival that allowed factory managers to allow workers to spend an hour or two during the Tour. Has been going on since 1906. Now this is less true, but at one time Lille, Roubaix and Dunkirk were the almost obligatory routes.Lille as the capital of Flanders, Roubaix as the point of arrival of Paris-Roubaix and Dunkirk as the northernmost city. by seeking to change the scenery and by starting abroad, it has become smaller than when the Tour de France was really the Tour de France. “

To be noticed. Francis Taquet will be in Dunkirk tomorrow digue des Alliés from 10:00 a.m. in Malo-les-Bains and will sign at La Librairie, rue Emmery, from 3:30 p.m. He was there the next day in the animation village of Forest-sur-Marque around 9:00 a.m. and all day, to sign his books.

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