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For a week, we just talked about that! He occupies all the discussions. In cafes, family dinners or on social networks, it unleashes passions. It’s the military parade on July 5. “I want to make a group go and watch the army parade together,” one young man wrote on a Facebook page on Thursday. Within minutes, it received thousands of comments, from women and men of all ages. Everyone expressed their great enthusiasm for the event. Others even described it as a “childhood dream” to see our soldiers parade and their most sophisticated weapons. Meanwhile, this young man’s initiative spread like wildfire. Other groups are shaping the Web to join in attending this historic event. In Algiers, whose northern bypass is the scene of this exhibition, tensions are mounting. It was not because of the hot wave or the congestion of the roads, because of the preparations for this event, but for the event itself. It covers Eid and its sheep, summer and its shores. We try to organize ourselves, to know the time and the details of this day that promises to be the most “explosive”. “They seem to launch missiles into the sea by warships,” said one young woman. “These are the planes,” replied one of his friends. Some added assurance that the National People’s Army would surprise the whole world by opening up arms that no one thought we had. “Obviously, Russia has an anti-missile system S 400 that we only have in Russia”, maintains a young man who has lived for many days in the rhythm of the rumors surrounding this parade because, everyone which is said to be at present only a conjecture. It remains in the collective imagination, mobilizing all sorts of “fantasies”.
A taste …
The ANP seems to be playing with that. He kept the surprise until the last minute. However, the more adventurous are able to taste what awaits them now. They sought panoramic views around the Great Mosque of Algiers to see military equipment “parked” in the Ardis parking lot. They even create photos or videos that they proudly post on social networks. They thought they got the scoop before we told them it wasn’t there compared to what was waiting for them on D-Day. There are a few more that are going on by trying to access areas of military maneuvers. The audacity that finally paid off. They were successful in doing so, with the blessing of the High Command of the National People’s Army and after the exercises. It doesn’t stop them from enjoying a moment, which they claim, is unique. They saw parades of “tanks”, cars and trucks à la James Bond. They are still entitled to elite forces that they have not yet earned the honor of being seen. “That’s great. So we can see the great strength of our army “, maintained Fayçal who managed to” prevent “the obstacles in the way to come and see these beautiful war machines with his younger brother.” I know. that we are strong, but I can never think it is too bad, “replied another young man, who was excited to see the Special Forces à la” Pubg “, crossing the Moutonnière. Algerians who, like all their compatriots, have an unconditional love for their army, are happy to salute their soldiers. “Tahia El Djazaïr, Tahia El Djeïch (long live Algeria, long live the ANP) from anywhere . They were accompanied by loud applause and shouts of victory. The soldiers played the game by saluting their countrymen. Great moments of sharing between the people and their army. “Djeïch, Chaâb, Khawa, Khawa” (Army, people, brothers, editor’s note) resounded everywhere.
Communion between the people and their army!
A moment full of emotion that can really give goosebumps. They share it with their other compatriots through social networks. In addition, videos of these images of preparations for the parade created a buzz in the “Dz blogosphere”. They were shared by many, to the point that they relegated the Mediterranean Games to Oran and the beautiful athletes who participated in it in second place. In Tik Tok, beautiful patriotic songs are added to these videos while tagging “Makhzen flies”. Many share them mostly on the Moroccan Web with thin messages for the M6 ​​and its allies. “This is what awaits you, don’t look too hard for us,” they wrote. Trying to cover up these “trolls” through their usual propaganda. But it’s too late! Many Moroccans have already taken videos of their brothers in Algeria. Especially about the S300 anti-missile system. “It’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what we have in our Algerian neighbors,” wrote Moroccan Internet users. Others told them they could “crush” us in Spain in a few days. The Makhzen flies accused them of being “flies of El Mouradia”. But whatever the situation, the message has really arrived. In any case, the Algerians, most of whom have never seen such an event, are eagerly awaiting it. They plan to go there together. President Tebboune instructed the government to take all necessary steps to facilitate the movement of citizens in the area of ​​the incident. In 57 towns in Algiers, buses are made available to citizens. They are mobile, hassle-free and completely safe.
Free transportation and drinking water
Not only that! The province of Algiers announced that it has made a series of measures and arrangements to allow citizens to attend the grand military parade scheduled this morning on National Road (RN) 11 near Djamaâ El Djazaïr. It is “the provision of various means of public transport, such as buses and trains, to bring citizens who wish to follow this parade free of charge from certain points in all the towns of the capital. (go-back) according to the program attached to this press release (published on the region’s facebook page), and it is, in coordination with the administrative districts and municipalities, the public construction of urban and suburban transportation in the city of Algiers ( Etusa), the National Rail Transport Company (Sntf) and the Talaba company, said the same source. “Drinking water will be available to citizens in sufficient quantities throughout the parade route and toilets are also provided on site,” the statement added. “All agents and actors of civil society will be mobilized to manage citizens and ensure their comfort”, assured the Algiers regional services, inviting citizens to arrive at the starting points on buses early so they can reach the “Sablettes” parking lot before 8:00 p.m. So the appointment was made to attend on a unique occasion. This is the true meaning of brotherhood and unity between the people and their army …

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