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For a display of feelings admired with ease and joy, to relax in this world of unnoticed effervescence, to enjoy these bubbles of light, to simply rejoice in a moment of sexuality and in honor of Valentine’s Day, Toutaculture wants to play it very playful. … With Cupid.

NFEUILShow lightning
A four brut or a four rosé from Nicolas Feuillatte
Dressed in a combination of neoprene, ultra-tight and turned out to be unique … the bottle, Nicolas Feuillate’s small bottles reflect their state of mind: chic, sexy, in nomadic mode, they walk around with easily thanks to their satin strap black, after an invigorating passage to the refrigerator. A foie gras sandwich, burger, sushi, tapas, pine macaroon or a Ispahan cake, yes, they know how to elegantly marry many different dishes.
To taste the joy of being One Four Burt or One Four Rosé, to be One for you, the price to pay is: 12 euros for 20 cl in combination… sexy!

Yoso lashes, from Maxell
Heckle Valentin that velvety look, why not? Yoso Lashes is a small tool that has become very useful. In fact, thanks to its heated brush, it curls and separates the curls using a combined comb. Also, to open your eyes and before any make-up, use this eyelash curler, then dare to throw a little eye powder with some shadows without leaving the mascara. And if you really like star lashes, you can enhance this tool by using the Black Edition which focuses on 3 D from Infiniment Vous, the result is even more convincing!
To provide some almost bad cold, the price to pay is 18 euros.

stinkUse and common sense
> An olfactory warmer from Scentsy
To warm or warm the senses, Scentsy, one of the leading players in the home perfume market, offers its flagship product: the Scentsy Warmer. It’s an electric diffuser that slowly melts the fragrant wax while illuminating the room. Thus, we get a gloomy light while inhaling the spicy, sweet, bucolic, fruit scent … Everyone chooses their atmosphere. The beauty of the stoves allows them to be placed in all rooms of the house.
To ensure warmth, the price to pay is 3 bars of Scentsy, 20 euros.

BBALI> Light the Bingin Bali flame, from EQ !
For lovers of light and dark lighting, for those who like to play with fire, or even those all on fire, who like to dance with the shadows and who appreciate a romantic note and exotic, opt for Bingin Bali candle with its sensual, shocking scent.
The scented candles from EQ are made of 100% vegetable wax, pure cotton wicks, handmade in France.
To light the pipe, the price to be paid is 25 euros.

BOMIWhy not own Beau et Miennes ?
For those who want to dive into a romantic, bucolic universe, a universe that knows how to slip into worry-free moments, light of life, check out Beau et Miennes. These candles, made in France and shaped by hand, dare perfumes that attract the atmosphere, with a hint of shock. We even dare to write that some vibes will accompany Ta peau Aime: candles that scatter the scent of amber, floral notes and sensual patchouli … And then, for the eternal lovers of Love, we recommend Le Premier Soir: berries. of rose, raspberry and vanilla. Yes, because Beau et Mienne’s love rhymes with greed.
To win your heart, because I want yours, the price to pay is 29 euros.

CHARMEORIENT> Apply the oil with massage oil, orange blossom scent from Charme d’Orient
An almost intoxicating scent that evokes the senses, an oil that turns out to be amazing. Why? Because the orange blossom comes from the bitter orange tree and is full of flavonoids, an antioxidant. As a result, it helps slow down the aging process while arousing the appetite for Valentine … Who is better?
To indulge in olfactory intoxication, the price to be paid is 33 euros for 200 ml.

strokeShe’s almost sweet
Dream of caressing with Au moulin roses
Transforming your body into a candy, where some trembling tasty buds indulge is what Au Moulin rose offers with its Rêve de caress milk. A body milk with a gentle, slow dose scent reminiscent of a macaron and easy to use. Foodies can find their dessert meat there.
To win the Oscar for the best pastry, the price to be paid is 17 euros per ml.

_FRD0118 (1)Show greed
> I love you madly with Du..foux, chocolate madness.
DUFOUX likes chocolates to combine romance and extravagance. Thus, a black rose and/or milk chocolate was born. An invitation to touch love! Please note: each flower is unique in that it is hand-attached to the leaf blade and petal petal.
To become a wise Cupid gardener, the price to pay is € 15 per rose.

side heart box (1)> My heart beats for you and Weiss
Weiss wants to start a romantic Parisian walk… For this, the chocolate maker puts Paris in a big red heart of love. Inside, another story of hearts… Whites, blacks. Because the love for Weiss also reflects his feelings: too white with pieces of strawberry tart or black with an orange note?
For the heart to shake a little but not too much, the price to pay is 21.90 euros for 140 gr.

Ah, my fair Valentine! Hopefully this modest selection will enlighten you for your future games with your love, love to do, always in a fair way to play …


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