God of War Ragnarok controversy: Insiders have changed our relationship with video game ads!

Game News God of War Ragnarok controversy: Insiders have changed our relationship with video game ads!

That was last week’s soap opera! Many insiders are planning, on June 30, to tell part of the release date of God of War Ragnarok. And finally, it’s the motus and mouth sewn on the PlayStation. Apparently the Japanese company changed their mind at the last minute. What to ask about these sources is now important in JV news.

Their names are Tom Henderson, The Snitch, Jeff Grubb, Jason Schreier, and in the world of video games, they know it all before anyone else! “Insiders” – as we call them. Sometimes they were former reporters with a large address book in their pocket who became independent. Some work under a pseudonym and have – obviously – contacts who don’t know what to do with them. Over time, the news of the video game has been on the rise to the rhythm of daily scoops, even before the project is known, upcoming announcements of an important speech (Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation) or even the release date. Every now and then, these scoops are right, giving a lot of legitimacy to their author. They are often wrong.

adverse effects

Wrong, like the announcement of the God of War Ragnarok release date predicted for June 30 by The Snitch and one of his puzzles strange. An account right for the State of Play games in May and the arrival of Hollow Knight Silksong on the Xbox Game Pass. But, last Thursday, there was no Kratos in the sky. False information? Rather a missed work according to Jason Schreier, an insider of course, but above all a very well -known journalist in the industry. “As for the God of War Ragnarok rumors, there is actually an announcement of a release date of June 30. According to people familiar with this matter. Recent tweets are from Cory Barlog (producer of the game). – director of opus in 2018, editor’s note) means it has been postponed ” writinghe on Twitter. In the video game industry, these last minute changes are common. According to Schreier, Ragnarok is scheduled for November 2022.

Yes, to be wrong is a person, and so is – sadly – toxic behavior. As the prophecy of The Snitch fell into the water, Internet users attacked the developers in Santa Monica, the studio that developed God of War Ragnarok for the PlayStation. Estelle Tigani, a cinematic producer on the project, particularly claims to have received “penis photos” as a request for a release date. Behavior is very easily condemned of team members and Cory Barlog, with support from Xbox boss Phil Spencer himself. In a speaking Posted July 1 on Twitter, Santa Monica called for calm and respect. “We understand love, the desire to gain new information. But this love must not be poisonous, nor must it be expressed to the detriment of anyone’s dignity”.

believing blind

On the web, some are angry with the insiders themselves. “If (The Snitch and Jason Schreier, editor’s note) did not announce a June 30 date, no one would be able to make unrealistic expectations” s’not worthy for example a Twitter user. The case of God of War Ragnarok marks almost a breaking point between knowledge accounts and their followers. The game is eagerly awaited, and its release date is likely to be so close, that misinformation about the subject feels like betrayal, especially when confirmed by well-known personalities.

“I have only one thing to say: don’t trust anyone on the internet, even if (the question, editor’s note) is right before”. We are not the ones saying this but the author of the AccountNGT account, in a message posted recently. A netizen known for talking about Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse project long before it was announced as well as the return of Sly Cooper and inFamous licenses. Other than that the second indifference is denied, in addition to the Sucker Punch studio itself, at the origin of these two franchises. In Sly Cooper’s case, AccountNGT explains that a reliable source told him that something was going on despite everything.

From left to right: Sly Cooper, InFamous / Bottom: Star Wars Eclipse

God of War Ragnarok controversy: Insiders have changed our relationship with video game ads!God of War Ragnarok controversy: Insiders have changed our relationship with video game ads!

Fill and capture

What, Sucker Punch is ready to lie? After all why not. Video game studios are already using this kind of strategy to keep the secret. We remember, for example, the trailer for The Last of Us Part II, happily bothered by Naughty Dog to believe in the return of a well -known hero. As you can imagine, in an environment where leaks happen every day, developers are doubling their vigilance. Stop making fake jokes to deceive the curious. This is especially the little game where the two creators of Apex Legends lent themselves, during the development of Season 8. They provoke their story in an Inverse article:

“Sometimes we enjoy (community, editor’s note). We see data mining going on, so we build fake characters like Forge and try to trick the miners (…) Usually what happens is that we have old things in place. game at some point and we were sidelined. We just say to ourselves: ‘Don’t think, we left it’ and some people draw conclusions from old things ” – C. Grenier and S. Ferriera (Apex Legends)

And believe us, it’s not just developers who have the imagination. A few months ago, Jon Cartwright, a video game content creator on the net, embarked on a unique experience: becoming an ultra-gifted but without any information ! Which technique? Create an account from the left (@WaddleDeeKnows), will initially remain private so no one can see his messages, and will post a series of predictions before Nintendo Direct starts the year. All he had to do was delete the incorrect messages after the broadcast and that. Seven hours later, nearly two thousand subscribers added him, Jon even found himself quoted through the VGC site lending him “privileged knowledge of Nintendo’s plans”. “I don’t blame anyone who believed (my messages, editor’s note)” point Cartwright at Arts Technica. I think we are conditioned to believe them because, every month / week, people do this thing.

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