from affection to opposition, returned to his conflicting relationship with Elizabeth II

If at first, Queen Elizabeth II wanted Lady Diana, the relationship between the two women quickly deteriorated. A trigger is the origin of this change.

On the first of July 2022, Lady Diana would have celebrated her 61st birthday. Died at the age of 36 in a car accident as the paparazzi followed him, he marked the English and the royal family forever. In fact, she married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, before divorcing on August 28, 1996. If she was no longer part of the royal family at the time of her death on August 31, 1997, The Princess of Hearts has a royal funeral. This was mainly because Prince Charles insisted on his mother and people demanded it. “Queen Elizabeth II did it reluctantly”, explanation by Amandine Deslandes, author of the biography Diana Princess in Tears published in January 2022.

In fact, when they meet, the two women get along, Diana remains the obedient model of the future queen she wants to see Charles marry. But their relationship quickly returned as several events contributed to their respective fall in love… Which also led to Lady Di and Charles ’divorce after 15 years of marriage, as revealed in the documentary. Windsors, a royal dynasty released July 2020: “Before Christmas, Charles and Diana both received a letter from the queen summoning them for divorce. “

Amandine Deslandes says the following: “There are many stages in the relationship between the princess and the queen ”.

The peaceful start between Lady Diana and Queen Elizabeth II

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When Queen Elizabeth II saw Diana come into her son’s life, she was initially happy for many reasons. “She comes from a good familyhe has all the knowledge of how to live that is necessary and he also had this novelty which the queen appreciated “introduce the specialist before prescribing: “At first he found Diana’s spontaneity pleasing”.

But that’s not all: the Queen of England was also quick to endorse a protective role to his daughter -in -law because he knew he was young and sensitive and he knew that unlike Charles, he did not live in an environment where the pressure of royal protocol and the media was at all. “So he’s trying to make sure it’s preserved because he wants to be able to quietly take his place”, the author tells us. For her part, William and Harry’s mother was small “Scared” by what it meant to be a member of the royal family, but he always trusted his mother -in -law. “They had a good relationship back then”revealed by Amandine Deslandes.

What Lady Diana didn’t like about Elizabeth II

If all seemed well at first with Elizabeth II, many things upset Lady Diana. “She was a little scared of her father -in -law because the queen is a distant person “reveals the author before specifying: “This very cold, very distant part that is actually involved in her role as monarch makes Diana uncomfortable.”

In fact, the princess has a hard time understanding the fact that the queen cannot be a caring mother -in -law and grandmother to her children. In addition, he did not appreciate the daily rhythm imposed by members of the Queen’s royal family.The fact that the queen controls everyone’s life, whatever the residence, including during the holidays, annoys Diana. Like forcing to arrive at a certain time at home or to dinner in front of the queen ” explains the specialist.

It was this character that Queen Elizabeth II mocked Diana

Over time, the queen has little understanding of her son’s wife’s behavior. “He didn’t understand his need to be in the press, his inability to control his emotions, ” explained by Amandine Deslandes. Queen Elizabeth II had a motto that was “We never justify ourselves, we never complain”, a motto that is the opposite of Lady Di’s modus operandi, emotive and expressive, which is likely to annoy the Queen.

In fact, Prince Charles ’deceased wife was likely to speak out loud when something didn’t please him and he was a more sensitive person, not ashamed to show his emotions. However, the author points out: “However, it was not the fact that she felt strong emotions that upset the Queen but the fact that he made them shine “.

The cause of the conflict between the two women

If the relationship between the two women was damaged it was because of Andrew Morton’s biography released in 1992. This is the reason that built up a severe coldness between them: “There is a first and after this biography” said Amandine Deslandes. In fact, the queen never appreciated or understood the fact that Diana was able to squander a book without informing anyone, in defiance of the protocol and image of the royal family. “He also took it badly that Diana initially claimed she was not the source of this biography by saying that her secrets were betrayed by relatives if it was fake”, enlighten the author.

He then determined : “The queen took it seriously because she felt she had been betrayed”. Diana would have bitterly regretted this incident, because she didn’t want it to happen that way.. “He was in a time of trouble, he was hurt, Andrew Morton took advantage of his vulnerable situation at the time, ” explains the specialist. But for the queen, it was all too late. For all these reasons, when Lady Di died in 1997, the relationship between the two women was cold, left, and broken.

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